Could Manny Pacquiao Be Headed For Jail?

The continuing fallout from the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight is pretty mind bloggling, even if you are used to having your mind boggled by boxing over a span of time.

Class actions suits, one, then another, targeting Team Pacquiao, alleging they should have informed the world the exact nature of his shoulder injury, so that consumers could be properly forewarned that his chances to beat one of the best, if not the best, defensive fighter of all time, were lessened because of infirmity.

Then, also, we get word that the Nevada commssion is kicking the can down the road to a higher power, is asking for an attorney general to take a look in to the fact that Team Pacquiao didn’t apparently fiill out a questionnaire properly, didn’t apparently disclose a pre-fight injury…and that he might be subject to a penalty for perjury.

Wait…could the Congressman get a stint in lockup after all this?

I think not…but just to be sure, I tossed that hot potato to friend of boxing, Keith Sullivan, a NY-based lawyer, of Sullivan & Galleshaw, who has worked in boxing for many a moon, repping fighters and more. The counselor talked to TSS, and answered my query: is Pacman going to jail?

“There is absolutely no shot of jail for Pacquiao,” the Queens-based law-interpreter told me. “It is unlikely any charges will be brought either. I’m not sure who checked off on the form; sometimes camps do that for the fighter or the fighter does so while getting ready for the weigh-in and signing off on other documents. The (state of Nevada’s) own doctors examined Manny and found he was not injured. Was the form completed in error and was the word “injury” understood? Does that mean a condition that impairs/inhibits him or may only do so if he further injures it because he likely had prior injections that masked the physical pain and limitations? It’s a silly issue that shouldn’t go beyond the commission investigation and a talking to of Freddie Roach and Manny.

“Oh and by the way, ask around. See how many fighters disclose injuries on such forms. They fear the fight might be called off, and/or word of the injury might leak to the opposition, and that could be exploited.

So there…rest easy…Pacman will most likely stay a free man, my friends.

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-brownsugar :

I wonder if the author saw an unauthorized version of the fight? I here that periscope broadcasted the fight to tens of thousands of sports loving fans. Another law suit won't hurt.

-Radam G :

No! Da Manny is not headed to jail. Even Money May did not report his pre-fight injuries. And thousands of pugs through the years did not correctly and truthfully report their injuries. The NSAC ought quit! Its sorry arse is just becoming politically right to save face. It should have let the man take the darn medicine. And not interfere with its surrogate USADA. Holla!

-kidcanvas :

every time i hear "best defensive fighter ever" i want to hurl... what an honor ,the best runner of all, he gets hit plenty ,u guys writing should watch some real fighters back in the day