Mayweather – Pacquiao : Today

DAWN’S EARLY LIGHT – At the stroke of the midnight, a day many felt would never come arrived at last.

Today. Floyd Mayweather, Jr versus Manny Pacquiao at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Today, Mayweather – Pacquiao is called The Fight of the Century.

Today, according to some well-written, widely distributed yet still somewhat blinded editorials, boxing will stumble into the grave for the final fall, carrying the sins, shame and sorrow which define the sport.

Today will actually be another notch on the timeline that always proves such babble amounts to little more than belching, but without the humorous benefits.

Today will be another day that also proves there is no better place for a boxing match than Las Vegas.

Today, after a sleepless night filled with visions of either Mayweather slapping Juan Manuel Marquez silly or Pacquiao thumping De La Hoya and Cotto, some bettors will make a decision and head to the sports books as fast as they can.

Today will be a primer on the timing of when to place a bet.

Today, some character that managed to sneak into one of the Grand Garden’s less visible areas will be wait, anxiously crouched with hopes that he can remain undetected until the event begins and he can move freely. He will be detected by one of the typical pre-opening sweeps, but tell the story for years.

Today, some character who had no intention of seeing the fight live will luck into a string of unlikely circumstances that allow him to attend at minimal expense. He will tell the story for years.

Today, more than one fellow will tell elaborate stories about sneaking into the fight. He will never get within 300 feet of the arena.

Today, some character with a legitimate hard earned ticket will make a stupid choice, resulting in a debacle that keeps him from attending. He will spend many hours on a lie about why he missed the fight.

Today, right up to the opening bell, some people will be trying desperately for a ticket.

Today, right up the opening bell, some people will be trying desperately to unload a ticket.

Today, some visitors are going to realize they paid a heck of a lot more for a room than they really needed to.

Today, some fellow outside Nevada will go about the tasks of setting up for a fight party, think about his pay per view bill, and decide he will never make another such purchase again.

Today, some fellow outside Nevada will go about the tasks of setting up a fight party, think about his subscription bill, and decide he can’t wait for the next pay-per-view but.

Today, many kids not yet teenagers will watch Mayweather – Pacquiao and think to themselves “that will be me.” Those kids will not come close to the achievement.

Today, some kid not yet a teenager will watch Mayweather – Pacquiao and think “that will be me.” He will make it.

Today, before they have even served a beverage in many of the various VIP sections, casino hostesses will receive more wedding proposals than many of the undercard fighters received punches.

Today, many gentlemen in the grandstands, who observe said hostesses; will completely understand those proposals.

Today, at around the time Jamie Foxx is well into the national anthem, some goober will sprinting across the casino floor, yelping with panted breaths about getting his sure thing wager down, just as the action goes off the boards.

Today, which gloves were used will not have any bearing on the battle. It will be all about the men wearing those gloves.

Today, Kenny Bayless will show the reason he was picked to referee the bout.

Today, there will be no reasonable questions about whether the scoring was accurate.

Today, humanity will continue to demonstrate our worst behavior toward each other, our planet, ourselves. But for a little while, there will be another pleasant distraction from cesspools of hate, earthquakes of nature, or disasters of soul.

Today there will be a time, once again, when exceptional, internationally cherished art redeems, reinforces or re-establishes those positive things that people can do.

Today that art, in an apex of contemporary creative effort, is boxing.

Today, very early in the fight, Manny Pacquiao will plant his feet and throw as much as he can as hard as he can, firing and adjusting at mid-torso range. How successful he is at that will determine 50% of the fight.

Today, very early in the fight, Floyd Mayweather, Jr will plant his feet and throw counter combinations, starting straight inside with distance setting probes that burst into dangerous, looping hooks just above shoulder level. How successful he is at that will determine the other 50% of the fight.

Today, there is a chance that Floyd Mayweather Sr and Fred Roach will get into some sort of physical altercation.

Today, considering current Vegas sports book odds and propositions, the best bet on the boards is probably that the fight does not go the distance. A risk / reward special looks more like Mayweather by stoppage.

Today, some questions that have stewed for years will be answered.

One question might be : on which day should professional boxing be among the most appreciated and honorable sports on the planet ?




-kidcanvas :

fight of the century ? LMFAO !! apparently they werent around when ali / frazer were... this paled in comparison with mayweather running and holding all night , pac following