WEIGH-IN REPORT: Manny Grinning Like He Knows a Secret

The weigh in drew more people than 98 percent of fight cards held in the US, how’s that for anticipation?

11,500 people came to the MGM on Friday for a 3 PM local time weigh in, which was a buzzy festival watched by masses of fans, most of them seemingly Pacman rooters, and even A grade boxers, who soaked in the scene like regular Joes.

Danny Jacobs, Andre Berto, Lucian Bute, Deontay Wilder, Jean Pascal, Lucian Bute, all stared, intently, soaking up the spectatcle, amazed at the scale of the extravaganza.

Yes, these are two A sides doing their thing, Floyd Mayweather playing the villain role with an aplomb Vince McMahon could appreciate; and Manny Pacquiao, the humble spirit-warrior, who believes God will propel him to the win, to aid in a project of redemption, so that the hunbris-filled “Money” can learn humility.

Thank heavens that there were no scale fails; Manny was a ripped and ready 145, no surprise as he has to work to keep weight on. Money was 146, and was all about that money when asked for a prediction by Showtime’s Jim Gray. Buy the PPV, he said.

Manny, meanwhile, glowed, a grin a mile wide on his face, and he played to the crowd, who showered him with love. He actually thanked Mayweather after the weigh in, and while Floyd was in a zone, and didn’t ask why, Manny explained it. I thanked him for helping make the fight a reality, he said.

Manny told the assembled that this was for them, and they deserve a good fight.

He chewed on a Butterfinger after making weight, for good reason, after the scale success. Butterfinger is a sponsor. The Congressman had a buffet laid out afterwards, in the arena. Chicken and beef kabobs, and chicken adobo, among other fare.

My take: I do wonder if Manny is so loose because he knows this is pre-ordained, as some other bigtime underdogs have throught the ages. Oh man, if he wins…President for life in his homeland, that is my prediction, with the election to be held immediately!

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-Radam G :

Money May has misinterpreted that grin. He has told Stephen A. Smith that he can see in my eyes and face that Da Manny is wondering what he has gotten himself into. OMFG! A grinning Asian is a dangerous, meaning business type. Three-fifth of the world knows that. Too bad that the mainland USA doesn't. Both Floyds -- Big and Lil -- have convinced themselves that Da Manny is scare of Junior. Well! In a wake up, Lil Floyd will get beat -_______ ________. Holla!

-amayseng :

Woods is on fire this week Floyd and camp are searching to build their own confidence. Atthis level of experience Floyd knows damn well people handle stresses ans situations individuallly. All of a sudden now Floyd is a psychologist

-kidcanvas :

lol Random G your absolutely right, dont mess with grinning asians hahaha

-vjoe :

Could Manny have been grinning at the Grecian Formula dye that appeared to be in PBF's goatee? My impression from the weigh-in is that both guys are full tilt ready to rumble. Still hard to go against PBF, but if you look at PBFs face at the end of Maidana2 and the hair dye now in his goatee, maybe he's ready to be had. Can't wait for tomorrow night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-SouthPawFlo :

Pacman is really small in Person, but May Looked more "drained" the energy is electric in Vegas, this is definitely the biggest fight sense Tyson-Lewis, or Maybe even Tyson-Holyfield... Can't wait 4 tomorrow!!!

-michigan400 :

He looks about 2 weight classes below Floyd in size. But HE was the one to fight and beat Monster Margacheato. How can he be worried about Floyd?? Does Floyd hit harder than Margarito post glove gate?? I doubt it!! That was still a big, iron chinned dude even if his best days were behind him.

-Radam G :

That grin will be Money May's END! The END of the Mayvinci Code. And the END of goose egg in Lil Floyd's loss column. Holla!

-brownsugar :

Things are not always what they seem. .... And I don't believe anything Pops Mayweather has to say because its hard for me to tell how well grounded his comments are in the reality of this epic challenge. Pop's decloration of "it's just another day at the office" ....isn't too convincing. Roach's bravado sounds equally insecure with comments like "don't throw the right hand or we'll knock you out" and "don't jab to the belly cause were ready for that". If Pac was all that ready why say anything at all?, .... Just let Floyd run into something. ...is Roach trying to be generous with all these warnings? I highly doubt it. Do you think Floyd is not hearing what Roach is really saying?.. I doubt that too. Being a Christian myself I do believe that God will truly deliver the enemies of true believers into their hands. But aren't Floyd and Pac more like business partners and co-workers than sworn enemies? Floyd looked a tad bit twitchy yesterday.....like a soldier on high alert. Waiting on orders to be shipped to the front lines. Meditating on whether he'll make it back home alive in one piece. Having been in the war myself its my impression that those soldiers who are mindful of what the can lose are usually the ones most likely to come back in one piece with an active pulse. And why is it that up till now, only Marquez has been able to fight Manny on equal terms? While Manny makes even good boxers like Bradley look ordinary ? The question is especially valid since Marquez has decent (although not blinding) speed and his foot work has never been the subject of high praise. Does anyone think that Floyd might be able to do what Marquez but just a little bit better?... I guess we'll have to tune in tonight to find out.