Klitschko Singer Songwriter?

Klitschko Singer Songwriter – Comic gold, y’all.

You knew he could crack, you knew he was a super-cerebral ring general. You would never get to hold the world heavyweight titles Wladimir Klitschko does for as long a he has without being a wise “cracker,” if you get my drift.

But did you know he had a future as a singer/songwriter?

Er…OK, maybe the ring should stay his thing, and he won’t be wowing the world on “American Idol.” Past heavyweights who have belted out tunes include Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier and Jerry Quarry just to name a few off the top of my head.

But at the very least, Wladimir Klitschko gets points for humor and audacity, because this little ditty, an homage to Saturday foe Bryant “By By” Jennings is guaranteed to make you grin. If not cover your ears, lol….


Klitschko is scheduled to face Bryan Jennings (19-0) on April 25th, 2015 at New York’s famous Madison Square Garden as the headline fight of Tom Loeffler and HBO Boxing’s event. Klitschko is almost assured to be showing his more serious side come fight night.


Photo credit : Rachel McCarson

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-Bernie Campbell :

I think knowing Wlad's personality, a humming rendition of Also Sprack Zara Thrusta would be more in order!!!!