Details on May 2 Fight and Closed Circuit Tix Coming SOON

They’re comin, ya’all. Tomorrow, get that debit card ready, because tix are going to be on sale. Now, how many, and to whom they will go to, that’s a different deal. But MGM arena seats, and more closed circuit slots, at $150 a pop at MGM properties, will be in play tomorrow (Thursday), so ya know.

When, when, when, went the refrain…and oh it got a little ugly today (Wednesday), with writer Kevin Iole accusing writer Dan Rafael of snagging his Tweeted tix info and passing it off as his own, which Rafael took to Twitter to deny a bit later.

Yes, some nerves are a bit frayed, as the big one looms, and people, overworked and over-amped, get on each others’ berves. Heck, Floyd showed his temper when he termed my conference call query “terrible” before responding with a solid answer.

It’s just a prize-fight, people…and there will be a May 3rd, just remember that, y’all!

Here is the tix info release which went out, a midnight special on the East Coast:


People were getting nervous. Is the fight going to happen? Yep, it seems like lunacy to think such a mega-happening could come apart at the 11th hour. But then again, May 2 is looming oh so near…and not a ticket is on sale. So the worries, while to me seeming goofy, were, and heck, maybe still are, grounded in a smidge of reality.

The ticket issue, which has drawn the air from the room far too much in the course of the 6 week buildup to get here, SEEMS to be drawing to a close. Yahoo’s Kevin Iole reported on Wednesday afternoon that all sides are on the same page, and that tix will go on sale soon. I know, we’ve heard that before…

According to Iole, who took to Twitter to accuse ESPN’s Dan Rafael of swiping his scoop, adding another layer of drama to the mix, “Arum said he and Top Rank president Todd duBoef met with Moonves and Mayweather adviser Al Haymon and that nothing now stands in the way of the fight going forward.”

Iole reported that “DuBoef said the written contract is expected to be at Top Rank by 1 p.m. Pacific time.” The contract, believe it or not, had never been cemented for such lol trivial issues as ticket allotment.

Word is that maybe 500 tix will go on sale, with all the others being spoken for. They will be parceled out mostly via ticketing agencies, who will likely mark them up obscenely, if the market bears that. These tickets are good as gold, so it maybe is no suprise there has been such jostling, and such a delay in their release. Yes, people do fight over gold.

Seeing as how people have been promised tickets from ticket “scalping” agencies, and some have already been “sold,” it seems that virtual tickets have been alloted by at least some of the persons who will be bestowed ducats.

This seems, on surface, to perhaps be a situation ripe for screwups and con jobs and counterfeit scheming.

I think I’d be remiss if I didn’t caution any of you thinking of taking the plunge to do your home work, and make sure as best you can that you go through a legit outlet if you try to score a seat at MGM.




This one is unlike any other one. The demand is crazy. The questions, when, where, how much, when again…I’d think they would be driving him certifiable.

But no, Scott Ghertner, Director of PR, Entertainment & Sports, at MGM Resorts tells me he’s loving it.

I spoke to Ghertner on Tuesday evening, and asked him, you guessed, when, where, and how much.

That will be made apparent soon, he said.

Details on tickets, when they will be released to the public, at whatever number that might be, and details on locations to watch on closed circuit in Las Vegas could come “tonight or tomorrow. I’m hopeful,” he stated.

Now, a lot of my Twitter friends have asked me, Woods, I’m booked to fly in to Vegas, and I’m worried I will be shut out of watching the fight.

Here’s the thing: the bout will be made available to watch on closed circuit at “multiple MGM Resorts” properties, Ghertner told me. The specific locations will soon be made known to the masses.

There is a right of exclusivity enjoyed by MGM, and closed circuit screenings will be in play solely at MGM’s spaces on the strip, and in fact, all of Clark County. But fret not, if you are flying in from England and fear that maybe the closed circuit venues will be too packed, or expensive. You WILL be able to watch #MayPac at, for instance, a bar which is paying for the right to show the fight, ON or OFF the strip. Yes, you will be paying I’m sure an entrance fee. But bars will not be prohibited from showing the scrap, within Clark County or outside Clark County, for the record.

So, I’m hoping that sets your mind at ease.

Also, pay no mind to anyone hinting that maybe this fight won’t come off, because of some contractual issue or snafu. I would bet a Don King’s ransom that the fight will be fought on May 2.

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I hope I can find a high roller spot. A bar might be a last resort. The fans might be too emotional and might start bar fights.

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