NASTY NEBRASKAN Crawford Stops Dulorme in The Sixth

Terence Crawford, the BWAA 2014 Fighter of the Year, showed off his chops on Saturday night, in Texas, on HBO. He tangled with Thomas Dulorme, the Puerto Rican hitter, and started off measured, then picked up steam. In round six, down came the hammer…Dulorme went down three times, and the ref said no mas. The time of the ending was 1:51, and with that Crawford wins a title at 140.

Dulorme came in a 22-1 with 14 Kos, while the Nebraskan Crawford was 25-0 with 17 Kos in the Arlington, Texas tangle.

Yep, he moved up in weight with zero problems. He said he wanted to bait Dulorme, make him think he had nothing. Then his corner told him to step it up, and he did, he told Max Kellerman. Next? He will leave it up to his wiseman. He seemed open to the winner of the Provodnikov-Matthysse fight.

In the first, Dulorme came out cracking with a right. Crawford looked to have the speedier jab, and the first round looked even. In the second, Crawford was patient, dissecting his foe with his eyes and mind. In the third, we saw the straight right lead working for Bud. In the fourth, Bud sparked it up. He looked to press, land the right, punch through the target. In the fifth, Bud didn’t pull away. “He’s tiring himself out,” said Brian McIntyre, trainer, to Bud after the round. In the sixth, down went Dulorme. He was up at 2:20. And down again, off flurries, and being caught in a corner. He tried to stay afloat but down he went again, and the ref halted the clash.

The first knock was was off a sharp right, then left hook. The second one came off a right cross. The third was off fatigue and residual fuzz.

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-Radam G :

Nice, witty headline! I didn't think that T-Du had a chance in Nebraska or hell. And he knew that -- I could tell. T-Craw is developing well. Holla!

-Shoulder Roll Defense :

Crawford and Imam are the best at 140.

-amayseng :

Crawford is a stud. The kid can do it all.

-MCM :

Against Beltran, Bud went southpaw in round one (?) two at the latest, and stayed there. Against Dulorme, he didn't switch once, right? In consecutive fights, he's two different fighters. Last year, I thought of him as a poor man's Mayweather: a great boxer, slick, and quick but not as slickly quick as Money May. But, no, he's different from Mayweather. He's making me believe.

-oubobcat :

Crawford and Imam are the best at 140.
I would add Matthysse's name in there as well. The one to keep an eye on closely is Imam. This guy can box and has legitimate one punch power. He is developing very well and getting better each time out. I think he will soon be the class of 140...I mean soon.