Waiting For the Workout…

Watch Tuesday’s open workout with Floyd Mayweather, beginning at 7 PM ET, 4 PM PT.

That is the notice on the home page to the stream of the Mayweather workout put together for media on Tuesday late afternoon at the Floyd gym in Vegas.

On screen, the chyron read “Mayweather Open Workout, Stay Tuned.”

So I did…I waited, and watched.

I saw media clustered around a ring, also waiting. And waiting…and waiting still more.

By 8:17 PM ET, I was watching, and chuckling, and thinking this was appropriate. Because, after all, we’d waited…and waited..and twiddled our thumbs, and waited patiently, and sometimes impatiently, for this bout to come together.

Mayweather, he knows how to prime that pump, I guess. He knows how to make ’em wait, and salivate.

You heard his dad saying, just earlier that day, how the son played it masterfully, making us all wait, and letting the scrap percolate, letting the stew simmer into a tastier melange than would have been ingested back in 2009, 2010, 2011…Man has a point; I wrote a little sidebar for ESPN Magazine two and a had years ago which speculated about how much revenue this thing would conjure if and when it came together. Maybe $250 million was my best guesstimation, after talking to a wide array of experts. And today, they’re talking more than a hundred million more than that. So, I guess making us wait was the right call. From a money standpoint. And that is the point here, we’ve all realized that, correct? That is the be all, end all talking point about this fight.

The gate that will be massive.

The purses that will be stupendous.

The jolt to the local economy which will be impressive.

The cost to watch on pay per view or closed circuit, which will be unparalleled.

Money matters, duh, the A plus side of the equation has told you that for a good long spell.

It’s why he does this…and points for honesty. At least he limits his proclamations that he does it for any other motivation to the occasional tongue-slip, right? He tells us he’s a businessman in boxing trunks, so yep, points for honesty.

But…I don’t know, all the money talk leaves me flat.

I don’t get the same buzz some of my media friends do when they post the latest newsflash about some new development about the speed of the Money-Manny money train, some record or another being broken about sponsors, or mouthpieces, or whatev.

Just doesn’t speak to what it is I like about the sport, to be honest.

I’m no commie, no matter what Kelsey McCarson says on Twitter, I like money, work for it, appreciate it, see the utility of it. But when it becomes a fixation, a focal point which becomes an overwhelming preoccupation, I guess I start losing an appreciation and start seeing it as a substance to become addicted to.

Money changes people, the adage goes, and I’ve heard that said, and joked to myself, I’d like to test that out on myself. See what it’s like to live the life of the one percent. Then maybe I’d be able to get inside the building to watch this one live! (Sad lol…)

Excuse this stream of consciousness…it all came about as I waited, and waited some more, for the open workout, which hadn’t kicked off an hour and a half after its set time. Well, they also say time is money, and that I agree with.

Because I’m signing off, and will let Twitter report what happens at this thing, and will post a release with quotes later…right now, I’m going to read Annabelle a bed-time story.

She’s 8 today…and to her, most definitely, it’s not money that matters.

She could care less about #MayweatherPacquiao and the masses of moolah which will be collected.

Wonder where she gets that from?



-deepwater2 :

Floyd is doing one hell of a job promoting this super fight. Is his face or knuckles busted up? Floyd has talked junk for the past decade and now he shuts up. He releases videos of him swimming and his flunkies buying gummy worms. Good job Floyd . Talking just like Ali. What a terrible joke. Tyson Fury is a better self promoter than the so called TBE. Floyd gets two thumbs down for his lack of enthusiasm. Boxing will be better off when Floyd gets out of the way.

-Buzz Murdock :

I agree with Woods,the money thang leaves me flat. Floyd's a great fighter, but his inspiration might be wearing thin...dreams of endless luxury cars going off like stars that are swallowed by the void...Deep down you don't want to be shallow...you need a reason to believe/a reason to fight...but Mayweather is a sharp pugilistic operator. and he saw how Manny got knocked-out---Draw your own conclusions...I put my money on Manny for sentimenal reasons....

-kidcanvas :

yes my friends ,the Money talk just bores me,it has over the years become the main focal point instead of the fight. the substance that has ruined the sport ,created mega titles,it has made it so the Boxers hardly fight anymore... it sucks !!

-razorramon :

This fight is for the fans said floyd jr. but you have to pay an enormous amount of money to see it live. Ticket price is soaring high and only the high rollers and celebrity can afford or have access to buy tickets and handful are for public sales. Majority of the fans like us (regular guy) who waited for 5 years have been denied Pacquiao have given all concession to floyd just to make this fight. Manny is sincere this fight is for the fans but floyd as businessman is for the money. How much is enough for floyd, till the last drop of blood of fans who have made him the highest paid athlete of all time. Where is the gratitude of floyd..greed!!! Floyd doesn't care except himself. Back in 2010 Arum has proposed to build a open stadium in Vegas to accommodate 50000 fans so they can be part of the biggest fight in this era and maybe in all time. Dallas cowboy owner has also suggested that the fight be held at his 70,000 capacity stadium. But TMT and their boss belittle Arum's idea and made this excuse to dodge the fight. And Net work has also took advantage of this event by rising PPV prices. I hope PPV #'s and tickets sale will not meet the hype of this fight..rip off. This event is bad for the sport but the "fight" is a pleasure for the fans. This is the beginning of PPv slipping away the interest of the fans. My prediction it will break the all time PPV and gate sales by a small margin which will be a disappointment from the network, promoters especially floyd jr. Not Pacquaio, he is fighting for a legacy and glory for his people. So who win the fight? and the winner is Pacquiao. The first knockout fight for Pacquiao since cotto's fight. Floyd will be knockdown and will quit in 10 round after floyd face turn into a golf ball alike