“I’ll Fight For the Filipino People” Is No “Eye of the Tiger,” But…

OK, it’s no “Eye of the Tiger,” and not as catchy as “Roar,” but the messaging contained in the new video for Manny Pacquiao’s theme song for his May 2 Cash for all the Clash, against Floyd Mayweather, helps to clarify the narrative for the clash against “Money.”

Indeed, there is no mention or hint of money in the video, which contains scenes of Pacman getting hit and cut, and then, as his career progresses, getting the better of foes. Insterspersed throughout are images of regular Joes and Janes in the Phillipines, including scenes laying out the devastation from the typhoon which sent the nation to the mat in November 2013.

OK, “Lalaban Ako Para Sa Filipino,” which translates to “I’ll Fight for the Filipino People” didn’t get too stuck in my head, and Manny is a better boxer than warbler. But that doesn’t mean the song blows…

Message: I fight for you, I have been you, I am you.

You can dismiss such a message as a manipulative or facile or what have you…and a portion of you maybe be right. But I’d advise you to look hard at which portion of you is seeing this song and Manny’s message purely through a lens of dismissiveness and cynicism. Maybe some of the folks who turn up their noses to look down at the Manny message haven’t lived in circumstances in which food was the opposite of plentiful, a path upwards was not clear and prayer didn’t work.

Yeah, a prizefighter and a prize fight can provide a powerful surge in mood and mindset to a person whose personal won-loss record is far south of the line.

I do think Pacman, this 2015 version, does follow the Bible as blueprint, and while he doesn’t advertise it all that often, does see Mayweathers’ hubris and idolization of money as being mildly repugnant, and not a proper POV for the masses.



-Radam G :

Wow! I got sort of lost in this thread. But here goes that song by Da Manny:
->https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NLBHivcXecE. I did another thread for Pilipino speakers. Holla!

-#1 PacFan :

Good and inspiring song.

-Froggy :

As Manny has said, on May 2, God will deliver Mayweather into my hands ! NUFF SAID !

-Radam G :

DA Manny means $erious hurt bitnezz [$??]. He is going to destroy Lil Floyd. And have the Lil Floyd's Fam, fateful, plied-piper followers and Floydkyes crying like little bytches. Sa akin mga Pinoy at mga Pinay, itong po para kayong lahat:
->https://m.YouTube.com/watch?v=6CeR9uMVh1Y. Holla!

-brownsugar :

Kudos to Pac....heard the song a few days ago... His rendition was nearly flawless... He was able to stay in tune for the entire song. I wish i had something to criticize...but I just cant, if you care for that style of music.

-Radam G :

Holla at Jimmy Kimmel gettin' jiggy and Pinoy with it:
->https://m.youtube.com/watch?t=194&v=_WdyJT0hd0k. Holla!