Freddie Roach Blog Part 1: Monday, April 6

Which version of Manny Pacquiao would have had a better chance to defeat Floyd Mayweather Jr.: 2010 or 2015?

“That is an interesting question because there are obviously tradeoffs between the two versions of Manny. But I am convinced that the 2015 ‘model’ is the more formidable fighter for a few reasons.

“Back in 2010, Manny was still growing into a welterweight. His first two welterweight fights were against Oscar De La Hoya in 2008 and Miguel Cotto in 2009 where he only weighed 142 and 144 pounds, respectively, and in between, he dropped down to 138 to fight Ricky Hatton. Floyd had been campaigning as a welterweight since 2005 and weighed 150 in his fight against De La Hoya so that might have given Floyd an advantage. I still like Manny’s chances in that fight but I think the Manny of today has a lot more in his favor.

“In 2010 the two-year age difference between the fighters was not significant to either, but that’s not true today. Floyd at 38 is doing things he didn’t do in the past. Floyd is a defensive genius but he has always depended on his legs to perform and you can see now that his legs do not have the same spring or fluidness of his earlier years. He cannot run the ring for three minutes per round as he did in the past and he covers that up by saying he is now fighting a more fan-friendly style by engaging more with his opponents. BALONEY! He’s engaging more because he can no longer move like he used to do.

“The 2015 version of Manny is more mature, smarter and less reckless than the 2010 version. He will be treating the ring like a chess board anticipating Floyd’s moves – ready to cut him off and attack every time he creates an opening. Manny’s footwork and hand speed are still the best in the game and though I still consider him a small welterweight, Manny now has five more years experience fighting at the welterweight level. The 2015 Manny is going to fight the perfect fight. I look at this the same as I did I when Manny fought Oscar De La Hoya. I have all the confidence in the world that Manny is going to knock Floyd out on May 2.”

Mayweather-Pacquiao: At Last, a special film presented by HBO Sports detailing the road to the most anticipated fight of this era, debuts Saturday, April 18 at 12:00 a.m. ET/PT on HBO.

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao takes place Saturday, May 2 from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas live on pay-per-view beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. PT.



-Radam G :

I'm riding with Arch-master top-notch-trainer Freddie "No joke, Coach" Roach. Da Manny is smarter and umpteen times better than 2010. Money May is dead-in-the-legs worse. And with his arrogrant, delusional, TV-character-Fred-Stanford-type-of-racist-rhyming pops thinking-that-he-is-the-best-poet-and-trainer ever -- Big Floyd -- Lil Floyd is in deep kimche. Da Manny is going to give 38-year-old, dead-in-the-legs Lil Floyd a dancing and prancing thrashing. And in the end, like a kamikaze pilot, Money May is going to be crashing into the canvas. Holla at this back-in-da-day-racist-rant of Money May. Dude is pucking ik-nik [sic] as syet about Pinoy food, nicknames and culture:
-> Even the late, great Emanuel Steward called Money May's bytch arse out about saying that Da Manny was ignorant with a fake name. No doubt, since the late, great one and Da Manny have the same first name. And use Manny as a pseudonym. Haters, posters and vaporers up in this Universe holla for substantiating of diz and daz. But when I give it up, they lose their pucking minds about me keeping it real. Now Lil Floyd is just bulljiving and smack talking. But Big Floyd is straight-up racist bigoted with a belief that Afro-Amerkanos are sport superior to all athletes because of "racial breeding during slavery time." As far as Fam May is concern, this scrap is for racial superiority. Quit trying to act bytch dumb and naive, haters and all Money May's nut riders. To the racists and nutcases, this is the biggest racist fight on the U.S. mainland since "Unforgivable Blackness" dance with "The White Hope." Holla!

-amayseng :

Floyd out with an espn interview spewing lies and propaganda saying soon as Ariza left Pac never had another KO. slander. The sheep won't realize e he had 6 fights with Ariza with NO ko's.

-Radam G :

Da Manny is going to beat the meanness out of Money May:
-> Holla!