WBC Champ Adonis Meets a REAL FIGHTER

He went to a hockey game for some R n R, to check out Les Habs in action in Montreal and he left with a bit more than he bargained for.

Adonis Stevenson, the WBC light heavyweight champion, came across a little kid who impressed him mightily with his fighting spirit, and he left with a bit better comprehension of what the word “fight” really means.

Stevenson, indeed, is in one on April 4, against Sakio Bika, at the Pepsi Coliseum in Quebec City, Canada. That scrap will unfold on CBS, as part of the Haymon Boxing PBC initiative (3 PM ET starts). But Adonis and Bika, these are two men who choose their trade with their eyes wide open. They know the risks involved, the price that could ultimately be paid. But the little 11-year-old boy with cancer who Stevenson talked to at that hockey game, well, he didn’t ask for his body to rebel against itself. “He has cancer,” the boxer explained to me when I saw a photo posted of him and the little battler, named Alex, on social media. “I told him he is a real champion and gave him belts to wear and pose with.”

The pluck of the child in the face of such adversity and physical pain touched the 37-year-old pugilist with a 25-1 (21 Ks) mark. “He just got 50 needles and was still smiling and happy,” Adonis noted.

The kid knew who Adonis was, so it was presumably a solid thrill meeting the big hitter. Bone cancer afflicts Alex, Adonis told me, and I asked, hopefully, if the prognosis is good. Alex going to be OK?

“Yes, should be. Alex is a champion.”

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now see ,that makes me respect you,doing something like that makes a difference in that kids life. i will be rooting 4 you now