Manny Welcomes Tebow To LA Training Camp

The second of May cannot come fast enough.

Legends in regard to the origin of the month’s name trace back to the Roman goddess Maiesta, the patron deity of honor and reverence. Lo and behold, one of the sporting world’s purest examples of both such qualities, Tim Tebow, paid a visit to Manny Pacquiao’s Los Angeles training camp on Saturday.

Although through no fault of his own, the former University of Florida Heisman- winning quarterback became a bit of a novelty in the NFL alongside a few memorable games with the Denver Broncos.

There’s no dirt on the guy whatsoever, unless some would care to show anywhere from a little to a great deal of disdain towards his espousal of piety in just about every walk of his life. Of course, there really is no harm in that, however it did at times come to a point of mockery whenever he was at the guilty end of a sack, interception or otherwise failed play (see “Tebowing”). The kind hearted athlete found that some opponents didn’t share in  his ideology. Similarly, it’s well known beyond any reasonable doubt that Manny Pacquiao is a devout Catholic and stands behind his belief that the outcome of his bouts as well as his life is in the hands of a higher power. Fair enough.

Perhaps we’ll see Tim walking side by side with Pacquiao towards the ring on May 2nd. Love him or not exactly like him, there’s no denying that there is at least some substantive fame to his claim of notoriety. Contrast that with one of Floyd Mayweather, Jr.’s sidearm posse chums, a certain Justin Bieber. As reported earlier this week by the Sweet Science’s own Michael Woods, Pacquiao’s trainer, the great Freddie Roach took a swipe at the transparent tweener who has spawned a million memes. “What tough guys hang with Justin Bieber?” asked Roach to Woods to kick off the train of water cooler talk of all kinds for the next six weeks or so.

What started as a fresh face in his ring walk entourage has long since become an irritating side-show to many and it’s one that simply won’t go away. If we choose to put the two respective cohorts side by side, then Tebow takes the cake of sorts. His hair may be up in a wave or two, however it’s in no way as damaging to the eyes as Bieber’s pompadour which would make Silvio Dante scoff and Johnny Bravo fall out in laughter. Pick your poison carefully, gentleman, even if one chap is a gridiron tested tank with a set of platinum guns while the other is someone’s wet rat.

News will continue to trickle out day by day until fight week finally arrives and there will undoubtedly still be more until who knows exactly when. More power, of course to both competitors in the bout that has unfairly seemed to swallow much of boxing whole. There’s still much to talk about and see in regard to the other big fights that are coming our collective way in the coming weeks.

Although there may be as many or even less articles about the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao showdown slated for Cinco de Mayo weekend in Vegas, somebody out there still likes us. As boxing fans, we’ll be ready when the day and hour comes for “Money”and “Pac-Man” to take their respective (in whichever order) walks towards the ring at the MGM. In the meantime, sweat not the small stuff and remember why certain stories lose the “worthy” part of newsworthy and become well…..just news.

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