Roach Learned THE FIGHT Was on From Watching ESPN!

So they are saying this one, the Big One, The Fight, #MayPac, it’s our Super Bowl.

Certainly, from the monetary figures being thrown around, the analogy works to an extent. So I ran with that (foot)ball when I chatted up Dedham Freddie Roach, the Massachusetts-born ex hitter and current tutor to The Congressman from Sarangani province, Manny Pacman.

OK Freddie, the Patriots Super Bowl buzz still lingers like the aroma of fresh-baked cookies in the household, a month after the victory over Seattle.

Do you see Manny as the Tom Brady in this fistic equation…and if yes, who is Floyd Mayweather?

Roach pondered, and then offered a decent response: Floyd will be like Russell Wilson, the Seahawks’ QB, who threw the interception toss in the game’s waning seconds, and was so close to being THE MAN, before the plan exploded in his face. Roach was in good spirits, still pleased that this long-on-the-runway effort came together after six years. His part in the union can’t be understated, as he was instrumental in bringing key participants Bob Arum and CBS boss Les Moonves into the same sphere, where they found common ground as business men. And even when there were moments during what some thought were the late stages of fruition, and it looked iffy, like the plane would slide off the runway and combust, the trainer couldn’t really share his thoughts, process his feelings. (Not that I didn’t try; bless the soul of his faithful assistant Marie, who gracefully fields my blizzard of requests to chat with dignity and charm. She is a role model for how you work from a media relations perspective, I must say.) “They told us to shut up, be quiet,” Roach told me. “Mayweather is the star of the show.” And because of that, wise persons understood that the star shouldn’t be unsettled, or distracted from the task by responding to an inflammatory or perceived to be incendiary comment from a trainer, or a promoter, or whoever.

“But when Bob and Les got together, that was a big, big clue the fight would happen. And I’m just happy, the whole world gets what they want,” he said.

Roach, like all of us not named Mayweather and Haymon and maybe a couple other people, was in a need to know mindset. He knew things when Floyd saw the need, or the mood struck him, when he saw the time as being right, to start spreading the news.

“I was watching ESPN, when I was told the fight was on,” he told me. “Then Bob Arum called and confirmed it. I had a smile on my face.”

Now, though, the smile dissipates. There is a fight to plan. Getting into proper condition, and getting fight ready in an abbreviated time-span. Usually, there would be 12 weeks of camp. Do the math, we don’t have 12 weeks between now and fight night….How’s that going to play out? Freddie isn’t worried, it turns out. He has sparring partners in mind, has been making calls, putting the call out for Floyd types. Roach has to pick and choose a bit more wisely, arguably, than with some fights. You don’t think that it wouldn’t be useful to get intel from sparring partners on what Freddie and Manny are cooking up? So Roach has to know that no loose lips won’t be sinking’ ships…

All in all, Roach sounded in a good place. And why not? The fight got off the runway, where it was grounded for eons, with passengers (i.e. the fans, and yes, even some of the dealmakers…would have hated to seen the he said-she said blame game-ing going on if The Fight didn’t get made) grumbling and being increasingly spiteful.

We’re aloft now, and to my eyes, Freddie’s guy is in a no lose situation. Most all are picking Mayweather to win, assuming, I guess, that because Pacquiao hasn’t solved the Juan Manuel Marquez puzzle as easily as Floyd did, that will translate into “Money” having his way with the Congressman. Freddie don’t beg to differ; he offered me reasons why he thinks Manny will get his hand raised on May 2. Check this space, and follow @Woodsy1069 on Da Twitter for more deets…



-Froggy :

Marquez is their only common opponent that I can think of where Floyd had an easier time than Manny, usually Manny had a much easier time than Floyd with the other common opponents ! From what I have read so far, Roach deserves much credit for this fight happening !

-michigan400 :

VERY glad it's on!! Floyd is deservedly the betting favorite but Manny has waaaay more than just a punchers chance in this one IMO. Maybe nobody has solved the Floyd riddle but the riddle of his father and uncle have been solved before. Floyd is a combo of those 2 guys in a lot of ways and of course, with his own unique flair added to make it a little tougher. It's a tough one to solve but no fighter is unbeatable and no riddle is unsolvable. Marquez got the last word with Manny but he needed a lot of practice to do it. If JMM didn't land that one punch, he would have been put down himself in the next round or two. Right punch at the right time and it only took him 3 and half fights and some race horse testosterone to do it.

-#1 PacFan :

Floyd is not hard to solve. Maidana basically cracked the puzzle but didn't get the win. Officially it was Jose Luis Castillo. Garcia did his homework against May. You need to smother Floyd and don't give him room to punch. All fight long. May lacks something in his game most dont see and that's the ability to fight in the inside to fend off guys who love to fight phone booth style. Who does this well is JMM. Great counter puncher but can fight in the inside and puts together good combos. May was able to beat JMM with ease because Floyd forced him to attack. JMM is not a come forward type of fighter and if he did that to Manny he would have been KOed. JMM and MP are fan pleasers so one had to give and that was Pac. I guarantee a KO win for Pac if for some reason Floyd fights out of his comfort zone and go bring it to Manny. But that's like asking Roach and Floyd Sr. to shake hands in public. Manny has to keep the pressure and not give Floyd the middle of the ring.