Sanchez on Golovkin: “I Think I Have Been Witness to Possible Greatness”

Gennady Golovkin looked like “iron” according to his coach, Abel Sanchez, at the Friday weigh-in ahead of his Saturday clash in Monaco, and on HBO (5:45 PM ET start).


158.9 was the mark hit by Triple G, who will be looking to lay some smack down on 29-1-1 Brit Martin Murray, who many experts are saying is, on paper, the toughest nut yet to be cracked by the Kazahk banger.

Murray raised the eyebrows of Sanchez, because he “was 30 minutes late for the weigh in, when his hotel is five minutes away.” Hmm, Sanchez speculated, possibly an issue making the middleweight limit? Murray was at 159.9…

“I hope not, I don’t want excuses later,” the trainer told me.

Gennady was in his usual stellar mood, the trainer told me. “But his mood and attitude changes as I’m wrapping his hands,” he continued. Then, he gets into focused and somewhat nasty mode. He doesn’t show it with a short temper like some fighters, but Sanchez sees the difference in his body and eyes. “I think I have been witness to possible greatness, and the boxing world is just beginning to take note. I hope he gets to prove it,” Sanchez said.

He means that he hopes some of the folks he disdainfully terms “the elites” step up and call out Golovkin, to prove their own superiority over Triple G and in the game.

“We will see, if he doesn’t get old while I wait on these so called elites,” he said. “Whatcha gonna do?”

Basically do what he and his team have been doing. Reaching out to the usual suspects at 160 and thereabouts, and ask them time and again to get it on. Eventually, I’m thinking and hoping, someone with a throwback fighting spirit will step to the line.

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