MONDAY AFTERNOON UPDATE:  #MayPac Nearing Home Stretch?

MONDAY UPDATE: Hopes were dashed, for those brave (and foolish?) souls who had an inkling, whose hopefullness over-rode their common sense, and my Tweeted warnings that no announcement would come this weekend, when they tuned in to watch the NBA All-Star Game, and watched Floyd Mayweather get interviewed at the half.

This is it, they chortled to themselves, as their wife looked at them disdainfully, and muttered to herself something along the lines of ‘what is this damn fool getting so invested in now?’… Only to be kicked in the family jewels yet again, when Floyd was asked if #MayPac was signed. “That’s not true. I haven’t signed yet and he hasn’t signed yet,” Mayweather said on TNT. “It’s just been speculations and rumors. But I’m hoping we can make the fight happen.” Could it be kicked to later in the summer, asked reporter David Aldridge, who said he has time off then, and would like to be able to check out the Super Fight on his off time. Nope, Floyd said, he’s “MAYweather,” it would have to happen in May.

Still icing those jewels, you optimists? You may need more icing…or at least, more patience. I’m gathering from talking to some bigwigs that issues still need ironing…and that the perception exists that what Pacman has agreed to, in writing,  doesn’t and shouldn’t signify, from the Mayweather side, that we are all thisclose to getting #MayPac confirmation. Showtime boxing boss Stephen Espinoza has Tweeted a public refutation that a contract has been signed by Pacman.

Things we shoudl keep an eye on, if you are still inclined to do so, and have not hopped off the bus of speculation and rumors and social media monitoring…Pacman promoter Bob Arum will be standing in front of press tomorrow (Tuesday), during an open workout for his Chinese standout Zou Shiming. Will Arum weigh in on #MayPac goings on? Or will he adhere to a “gag” policy which the dealmakers are pretty much going by for the last few weeks? If he is in blast mode, and takes aim at his ex fighter Mayweather, you might read into that that the chances for a May meeting between the two superstars are dwindling. Or not…As I have said before, the ball is firmly in the court of Mayweather. He’s the A Plus side guy in this equation. He holds the cards, all the good ones, really, so if he want this thing, he can snap his fingers, and things will fall into place. The nets will fall into line, the final terms will coalesce. And if he doesn’t? YIKES…will there be enough ice for those tattered family jewels of those peeps who have invested so much, maybe too much, into following this saga? (Oh, and what is the proper term, instead ‘family jewels,’  for the ladies who are invested in this ‘Will They or Won’t They, Why Don’t They? deal….They have absorbed punishment as their hopes have been dashed, rebuilt, only to be re-busted.)

What might be the blowback of spurned fight fans who would be disinclined to tune in to Floyd’s May 2 fight against someone not named Pacquiao? I’m hoping I don’t have to engage in more pondering about that situation, and that this week, common ground is found, and this ludicrous saga comes to a close. Because for cripes sake, this ain’t peace in the Middle East. It’s a PRIZE FIGHT, people!


A Brit paper has a report saying that things are good to go, from the Pacquiao side, and all that remains is for our man Mayweather to check out the contract, nod, and sign. Sounds simple, don’t it? LOL. It’s been five years, and a lifetime worth of haggling to get this far, so to assume that we are just a mere formality away from seeing the fruition, the culmination of this ludicrous ordeal of a waltz, probably is unwise. But my poking around, with a select few who are in the know, but don’t wish to upset the delicate balance at this stage, this Brit account does seem to be on the level. “A source close to the Filipino boxer and congressman revealed to The Sunday Telegraph that Pacquiao completed his contractual agreements on Saturday and that Mayweather is set to sign and will announce the contest which is expected to be worth $250 million (£162 million) in the coming days,” wrote Gareth Davies.

Makes sense, for Floyd, while in NYC, where he arrived Thursday, to tie up the loose ends where his “employer,” the Showtime and CBS crew, are headquartered. After all, it makes sense for all the lawyers who’ll have their fingerprints on all the elements of the deal, which should tally up to somewhere around $300 million worth of commerce, to be on site and able to easily communicate. Then again, conventional wisdom has come and gone and been doused with gasoline and lit aflame a few times since 2009, when this thing first became a no-brainer thing to do. So, until this is done, it can be thisclose…but actually a bridge too far away.

The power, the leverage, it’s all with A-Plus Side Floyd….

“Money,” the move is yours.

How about a Valentines Day smooch to all us who’ve played the waiting game so patiently, how about sending out a pic on Shots of the words “MayPac is on for May 2” on a candy heart?

FRI. AM UPDATE: The quiet the last few days has been deafening, for those of us unable to turn away from the fascinating and foolish “Will they or won’t they?” dance being done by Teams Mayweather and Pacquiao. We read into it, wonder, and that’s what we on the outside looking in are mostly doing, wondering, though we get occasional tidbits tossed to us by those more in the know, wonder if the silence means anything. We hear rumors, maybe based in fact, maybe based on the guesswork of keyboard tappers who like to stir the Twitter pot and build their Follower base…We say to ourselves, wouldn’t it make sense for Floyd Mayweather, in NYC to party and take in the NBA All-Star festivities, to announce #MayPac while in the media capital of the world? He could in one fell swoop make himself available to all meaningful media outlets, from the NY Times on down…Makes sense, don’t it?

I heard on Friday morning from Someone Big Who Would Know that it would make sense, and that it would be a good idea to watch the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday night, because Floyd has the contractual right to announce #MayPac, if and when the final Ts are crossed…and this of course implies that we will get to that point, and soon. But sometimes soon never comes…And Someone Else Big Who Would Know then told me a bit later that we won’t get an Announcement this weekend. Yes, hopes dashed once again….Hey, it’s Valentines Day time, anyone with any time on this earth understands hopes being dashed, the pain of not getting what you want, in this milieu, right?


Some of you, I dare say many of you, have tuned out. The saturation of attention to the fifth, and hopefully last, round of negotiations for a proposed Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao bout has turned off a goodly number of boxingheads and heck, even more casual boxing fans. Just put up or shut up, is the message from those tired of the back and forth mud slinging, and obsessive monitoring of all the players on Team Mayweather and Team Pacquiao.

For those not giving a hoot about #MayPac until the two fighters are standing center ring and hear the ding-ding of the commencement of round one of ACTUAL fighting, we salute you. Your disdain is merited…but for anyone still paying attention, know this. One of the smartest deep insiders I know just called me, and told me to, “Bet on it.”

He said that if he were a betting man, he’d lay money down on Floyd Mayweather facing off with Manny Pacquiao on May 2nd. 2015, that is…

Of course, all of us who splash in the pugilistic pond know that until the XXL lady hits the high notes, nothing is a done deal.

So grains of salt are being ingested as I write this and should be as you read this. But…it is looking like we might be near that finish line, and hopefully we can soon transfer our attention from “Will they?” to “What Will Happen When They Do?”

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-The Commish :

I am hearing a lot of the same from my insiders. Still, there's a doubting Thomas inside of me. I will believe it when the Twittisphere ignites with tweets from, not just the camps of both fighters, but from the headquarters of HBO, Showtime, Al Haymon, Golden Boy and Top Rank, as well. I just want to see one word from each of them: "SIGNED!" That will say it all. -Randy G.

-brownsugar :

So true about everyone tuning out,.....for some inexplicable reason, I've been baking oatmeal cookies and writing poetry. I remember the ongoing 2 and a half year debate we had on the TSS that left many of our brethren, maimed wounded and decimated on the battle field of popular opinion, Both Pac and Floyd fans alike,... Good men and women, who were so emotionally traumatized and disheartened they may never muster the willingness to return to the subject of Pac vs Mayweather again, The casualties were so great.... so great,.... that I thought Mike Woods should have played a slow Bugle rendition of Tapps for all the missing members who are no longer here. What with the huge expectations of a massive audience, waiting breathlessly in anticipation of this fight, in addition to the financial and impending distribution requirements, along with the litigation, negotiations and the time spent posturing, pontificating, finger pointing, not to mention the rapidly approaching expiration date for both boxers glory days (and lets be honest, their best days may have already come and gone ), ..... lets face it, This fight has to happen,.... it's time to walk the last green mile gentlemen. (and I mean green with cash) Both sides are well aware at this point and time, the benefits that both sides can reap depreciates with time, the bluebook value plummets violently the longer it takes for the fight to be made,...... it's now or never. I had previously opined several months ago, that when the negotiations finally fell apart, the end result would be Floyd Mayweather fighting Cotto for the middleweight title. And even though a surrogate super fight with Cotto was seemingly a significant enough event to tide the fans over until a possible confrontation with Pacquioa could be made. It was certainly enough of an attraction to extinguish the threat of Canelo Alvarez's brash move to "reclaim Cinco De Mayo, by appearing on the same date as Money-Mays Royal Ball..... But as far as being what fans really want to see,...... that may no longer be the case. let me explain, by stealing a small piece of an excellent analogy about Black Holes that was submitted recently by Storm on the Anne Wolfe thread. Everyone loves black holes, because.... The advent of a Black Hole supercedes every other cosmic force in the universe. It's a force of incalculable power that operates on an order of magnitude which utterly escapes human comprehension, When Floyd told Jim Gray after his solid although ho-hum defeat of Marco Maidana, that he wanted to fight Pacquiao, it was the start of an event horizon that would shake the very foundations of the boxing world, at that precise moment in time, two of boxing's brightest stars began to collide and collapse inward upon themselves until the combined magnitude of their dense star-power created a gravity-well so intense, it captured the avid anticipation of every sports fan of the planet. A vortex of such unfathomable power that even the casual and uninitiated have been pulled in. And yet, The Black hole is not even fully in effect, but the mere mention of the fight (the event horizon) has already obliterated any an all competition seeking to usurp the biggest stage in boxing. While it's shockwaves reverberate through the boxing community as promoters and cable giants are forced to rewrite their calendars. At this point of the game, No substitutions are allowed, Nobody is interested in watching a neutron star, a white dwarf, a red giant or a quasar,..... our library shelves are stuffed to the ceilings with those type of books, no,... for the first time,... we just want to finally see a Black Hole, the biggest event of all. Science tells us that there is no force in the entire Universe capable of stopping or reversing the initiation of a black hole. In other words, now that the process has begun, it's irreversible..... So try as they might, no matter of what everyone's original intentions may have been.... the promoters, the networks, and even the fighters are being swept along by it's irresistible cosmic force like the rest of us...... lest the very fabric of reality itself is ripped apart. Only this time unlike previous black holes,.... this one will be visible, and you won't need a Fermi gamma-powered telescope to spot it's subsequential effects. Sorry about stealing a piece of your concept Storm, but in the case where a Pac-versus-Floyd fight is looming, there is no honor,.... only results.

-StormCentre :

It's OK - I enjoyed reading it. Nothing dominates like a black hole, and nothing will dominate the boxing landscape like the Mayweather V Pacquaio fight - even just the possibility of it seems to have the knits in everyone's hair standing up and taking notice. The black hole and astrophysically high energy analogies are pretty fair and real; even though the orders of magnitude have to be scaled down for our scripted applications. A lot of people feel very emotional and attached to their guy (Pacquaio or Mayweather) for this fight. I mean, even that new guy Razorramon, was busting me up over Floyd secretly filming Pacquaio . . . . . which was cool . .. but it shows you that people really are interested in this fight in a way where it resembles Hagler V Leonard or something along those lines. I just hope - if it happens - it doesn't go down the line of a close points decision. Cause if that happens then the endless debate will go on forever. That said, I suppose then, in that instance, we would (hopefully) be furnished with a rematch and all the strung out contractual negotiations that go with it. I wonder how if and/or how Floyd's contract with Showtime treats and recognises a second fight with Pacquaio? Tricky, tricky. Perhaps we could model that discussion with the natural phenomena of two black holes and their host galaxies colliding. It happens. Imagine the forces around and to the interior of the (combined) event horizon then; as each singularity violently merges and attempts to dominate. If it were to happen to our galaxy an astronomer could have observed Jupiter yesterday and look today to find it not there, whilst very little for us appears to have changed! Given that Jupiter has
Stormcentres the size of the earth it's not an insignificant consideration and event; despite the odds against it in our lifetime.

-dino da vinci :

@storm. I see what you did there.
Love that. @sugar. Great read. @Commish & TSS Universe. I heard the same thing as well. I'll wait for the announcement however.

-deepwater2 :

I will take MP, paying me $300 for every $100 I bet. Its like taking candy from a baby. Floyd is not knocking out anyone. Floyd will try and pot shot ,tie up, use his illegal forearm and throw his counter straight right. MP will be much busier and bust Floyd up on the inside. Even if MP doesn't land at a high rate his activity and coming forward from different angles will impress honest judges. This is a super fight . You can not pot shot and slow down the fight in a super fight. See the DLH vs Trinidad fight. By all means DLH won the fight even though he danced the last few rounds away. But in a super fight the people and judges lean towards the man that brings the excitement whether affective of not. Easy fight to pick. The judges and the ref might be a bit crooked but all in all MP's style will have people on the edge of their seats all night and Floyd will be trying to stop that excitement.

-Froggy :

I see it the very same way deepwater, just hope we get to see it !

-brownsugar :

@storm. I see what you did there.
Love that. @sugar. Great read. @Commish & TSS Universe. I heard the same thing as well. I'll wait for the announcement however.
Thanks Dino... I will disown and turn my back on both fighters if they emerge from a whole week of silence and secrecy just to tell us they can't make they fight.

-The Commish :

Thanks Dino... I will disown and turn my back on both fighters if they emerge from a whole week of silence and secrecy just to tell us they can't make they fight.
Yeh, we all keep hearing things. We all have "sources." Some are reliable, many are not. Some are well-placed, others are merely fans who have heard it from other fans who have heard it from other fans. We're getting close. We should know the answer, once and for all, by this time next week. -Randy G.

-Radam G :

Yeh, we all keep hearing things. We all have "sources." Some are reliable, many are not. Some are well-placed, others are merely fans who have heard it from other fans who have heard it from other fans. We're getting close. We should know the answer, once and for all, by this time next week. -Randy G.
FightHype and Ben Thompson are like Brian Williams and NBC. Don't believe the _____ _____ ______. I told you suckas about Brian Williams's fibs all the ways back to New Orleans's Hurricane Katrina and Bush's war in Iraq. Where you at, Smiley C? Ev'ybodee and dey momma in this Universe always call you me. Hehehe! Then again, I was accused of being A Thousand And One knuckleheads in the old TSS Universe. Readers would even say that MisterLee was my nicer persona. OMFG! Now we all know that was crazy. Where is MisterLee, The Majestic Pinoy, Solo, Radam Jr and some of the other knuckleheads that were suppose to be the one and only Radam G? Maybe they are in the pits of cyberspace hell. Holla!

-Chris L : this still being talked about? I've only been following boxing avidly for about a year and a half, and I'm already bored of all of this May-Pac talk - are you guys seriously telling me it's been like this for 6 years!?!? From a lot of the replies I read it seems like lots of people are bored with it too, but just want them to fight for closure on the subject... but there's so many better fights that can be made. (this is only a little bit of my frustration after seeing what seems like an endless barrage of Mayweather-Pacquiao talk over the past month of so, I can only empathise with what you guys must be feeling after 6 years!)

-DaveB :

Yes it is truly amazing that this nonsense has been going on since 2009. The fight should have happened then. I believed with everything in me back then the fight couldn't miss being made. It was too big. I thought if the fight wasn't made by 2011 the sell date would expire. How wrong I was. I remember Cotto/Margarito fans being this embroiled in verbal combat but that fight did take place. I remember Mayweather/Pac fans being so caught up in their debates they actually gave addresses on here so they could meet up and fight one another. Yes, we lost many members from the fall out. And yet six long years later we are still talking about this. There are many fights that are better fights. Some how, and I can't figure it out just like I can't figure out why Mayweather's star power is so great, this fight holds interest. Not only among fight fans but from everyone in the boxing community. Even other big name current fighters and ex-fighters want to see it. Roy Jones is the only one not commenting on the fight. I have no doubt he wants to see it but he is tired of talking about it until something happens. I can't blame him. Radam says Floyd doesn't want this. B-Sug says there can be no other substitute in May. So many rumors. Once again I'm exhausted by all of this. I was exhausted five and years ago when the flames were fanned and the carrot was dangled before our noses only to be plucked away. Something tantalizing still about finally seeing this fight. I really wish there wasn't but if I said that I would be lying. If it is not done this week it will still be viable and I hate admitting that. I'm really, really tired. However if someone offered me the dream of having a million dollars and they could make it happen but they kept pulling it away from me I can't believe I would ever get tired of believing. Frustrated, yes. Tired of the emotional roller coaster, yes. Would I stop hoping? Sadly no.