Manny In LA, Then It’s Off To DC, Before Heading Back Home

Will the silence be seen in retrospect as golden, as a “gag order” period where the principals and their people hunkered down and ironed out details for the super fight five five or so years in the making, featuring the two best known pugilists on the planet, Floyd “Money” Mayweather, and Manny “The Congressman” Pacquiao?

Or was the lack of news today on movement, forward, backward or sideways, meaningless, and simply another day when what should have occurred didn’t?

On Tuesday evening, the hoop-tee-do at the Heat game, “When Manny Met Money,” excited the Twitterati, and had amateur lip readers trying to discern what Money and Manny said to each other during the halftime of the Heat-Bucks game. It also had people debating the merits and lack thereof of, the web outlet which is Mayweathers’ home field advantage, and which reported that Floyd somewhat gave Manny and advisor Michael Koncz the business for talking smack.

I touched base with Koncz briefly on Thursday late night, which was early afternoon in the Philippines. I applauded the dealmaker for agreeing to be grilled by FH top dog Ben Thompson, who kebab-bed him a bit.

Koncz told me that the Manny Gang is still in the US, in LA until Tuesday, and then headed to Washington, DC, for a two-day stay. Then, it’s back to the Philippines.

In DC, Manny will attend a prayer breakfast and dignitaries will be in attendance. That could include President Obama, Koncz said.

And I asked Koncz the all important query you guys are dying to know…

Who is Pacquaio rooting for to win the Super Bowl? Does he care who wins?

“Nope,” said the advisor.

It does indeed seem like all parties have agreed upon a gag order, which to me bodes well, as I don’t see all the power brokers involved adhering to this unless the prospect of a May 2 meeting were not at least quasi-viable. Also, a lot of smarts are thinking we see Manny-Money not in May, but in September instead. Me, I say that February, March and April are months aplenty to hype this event. We don’t need seven plus months, after all, we’ve been yapping about it for about five years.

OK, back to the gag order. I will cease analysis and commentary and let them go back to what it is I hope Al and Bob and Les and the gang are doing…tying up loose ends and making this no brainer a reality.

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