Terence Crawford Has Possibles List For April 18 Fight

Terence Crawford got some loving’ from people choosing their 2014 Fighter of the Year, and the Nebraskan is keen to conjure even more buzz in 2015, his trainer Brian McIntyre told me on Monday night.

So, when is TC getting ready to rock again, and keep up the mo-mo from a rock-solid ’14, which saw him beating Ricky Burns, Yuriorkis Gamboa and finally Ray Beltran, all on HBO? The hitter, managed by Cameron Dunkin and promoted by Hall of Famer Bob Arum, is likely to glove up April 18, in Nebraska, Big Mac told me.

“I talked to Cameron today,” Mac said.

And any names in the mix yet? Indeed; they are talking Chris Algieri, Mauricio Herrera and Lucas Matthysse, Mac said.

He have a preference?

“I don’t care. Just give me the time to prepare.”

The prep will be for a fight at 140, after time, some five fights, spent at 135. Mac expects TC to be a little nastier, set down on the shots a bit more, this year, he told me, music to my ears. If it’s Algieri or Herrera, we’d see him try and cut off the ring, beat them to a spot, and make them go where they don’t want to. Mac is more than happy to tangle with Matthysse, who’d be looking to get into “Bud’s” face, and press him, and force a fight.

Mac wants him to be smart, not trade foolishly, but thinks Crawford is only getting better, and smarter, as a pugilist. “We’re not scared of nobody,” he said. “We’ve got to give fans what they want.”

And what they don’t want, he said, bless his candid self, is the yap-a-thon negotiations between Floyd and Manny and such. “Mayweather and Pacquiao, people don’t want to hear that. They old! Maybe five, or three years ago!”

After TC gets ‘er done against the April 18 next, the bluepint could offer another tasty rumble, against Ruslan Provodnikov.

You saw some guys bloat up, tucking into those holiday festivals, but not TC, Mac said. “He’s at 53, 55, still working out two, three times a week, and once on the weekend.”

Fight fans, talk to me. You saw the names mentioned as possibles. What style makes the most sense to glove up with Terence Crawford? Weigh in, in the Forum.

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-Radam G :

T-Craw should not get too ?o?k?. Styles make fights. And some styles will throw him off. I think he should not fight M-He or C-Al. M-He will edge him, and probably get robbed. C-Al will get a gift decision or draw over him in New York. But "Bud," aka T-Craw, would beat up Lucas Matthysse anywhere. Holla!

-gibola :

I would like to see him fight Broner, Matthyse or Garcia. He outclasses everyone else at 140, including Provodnikov and Algeri.

-The Good Doctor :

Good to see another guy trying to make formidable fights, especially after coming off an exciting fight with Gamboa where he took a few on the chin. All three of the guys listed are worthwhile opponents. I would let sleeping dogs lie in Herrera. Too awkward, very strong, and probably a little ticked off after his last few fights. Algieri would be interesting but I think he could eventually outclass him. Matthysse............I think that has gasoline all over it. The machine likes to hit and he gets hit. Crawford has shown to be a little bit better defensively than Lucas but he can be rocked. Sign me up.

-brownsugar :


-Radam G :

T-Craw boxes Imam ears off IMHO. Holla!