Floyd Offer To Cotto For Rematch Is “Not True”

Gaby Penagaricano, an advisor to Miguel Cotto, who is the pound for pound top negotiator in the boxing business, checked in with TSS for a quickie update on the ongoing talks between Teams Cotto and Canelo for a proposed Super Fight between the Puerto Rican fight icon and the red-headed rumbler from Mexico.

I asked for a reaction to this Oscar De La Hoya Tweet from Sunday.

Oscar De La HoyaVerified account?@OscarDeLaHoya

@caneloOficial has conceded on all demands including moving from 50/50. the ball has been in @RealMiguelCotto court for more than 6 weeks.

“We are still discussing the fight,” Penagaricano responded. “No agreement.”

And what of that rumor bopping around the Twittersphere, that Team Mayweather has offered Cotto a $40 million guarantee to sign for a rematch with “Money.” That nugget of info first appeared in the free Puerto Rican newspaper “El Vocero.”

So, true? False? Furiously false?

“No truth to the rumor as to the offer for Floyd Mayweather rematch,” Penagaricano told me.

There you have it, friends. Now, here’s hoping these power brokers sip some Champagne together, get into a spirit of resolution, find common ground, and cement this legit Puerto Rico vs. Mexico Super Fight before the ghost of Dick Clark rises to do the ball drop countdown…That would help get the Year in Boxing 2015 off to a swell start, no?

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