Update on Condition of Muhammad Ali

The Greatest is now and I dare say will be till the end of time the human being most often singled out as being the face of prizefighting, and forty years past his prime time in the ring, Muhammad Ali is still a fierce battler.

The Louisville Lip has been silenced in recent years by Parkinson’s Syndrome, but his fighting spirit is still in shape; the 73-on-January 17th-year-old veteran of ring classics like the Thrilla in Manila, the Rumble in the Jungle, and three classics with Joe Frazier, was admitted to a Kentucky hospital and diagnosed with pneumonia.

I checked in with his daughter Rasheda, who gave me the lowdown on Ali’s status. “Dad’s doing much better this morning,” said the daughter of Ali, one of his none children, who is active in the realm of stem cell research and development on Sunday. “Luckily, the pneumonia was caught early,” the author continued. “His prognosis is good, with a short hospital stay expected.”

The TSS family sends the most sincere best wishes to The Greatest and his family; we never forget the contribution he’s made to this fair sport, and the planet, I dare say.

Keep on punching, Ali….

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-Radam G :

Ditto, ditto, DITTO! Holla!

-brownsugar :

Thanks for the memories Ali, I hope you have a 100% recovery.

-thegreyman :

I'm sure Ali will take this in this in his stride, and make a full and speedy recovery. All the best champ.

-Pazuzu :

Look out, pneumonia! The champ is gonna own ya!

-The Commish :

Pneumonia is no match for Ali. Ali wins this one quickly! -Randy G.

-King Beef :

Speedy recovery Champ!