Stevenson Promoter Michel: “Adonis Is For Real, He Won't Deceive the Boxing World”

I saw mixed reviews on Adonis Stevenson from his Friday night takedown of Dmitriy Sukhostskiy, in a light heavyweight tangle which unfolded in Montreal, and on Showtime.

His promoter Yvon Michel, not surprisingly, gave his man high marks when TSS checked in with the Montrealer.

Yvon, give an assessment on the Adonis showing, please…

“No one in boxing has better one-punch knockout power than Adonis,” he told me. “We hope to see Kovalev next fall!”

That brings me to the next logical query; what'd he think about Adonis' post-fight comments, in which he seemed to blow off a fan-based imprimatur to call out and show a degree of enthusiasm for a scrap with the winner of the March 14 Sergey Kovalev-Jean Pascal square-dance in short pants. “I had not heard,” he said after I noted there was a solid bunch of blowback on social media. “But it is clear for Adonis, he said in the press conference before and after the fight, his only goal and dream is to unify. He believes that Kovalev beats Pascal, and he made a request to me and Al Haymon to make sure he would be fighting Kovalev. If Pascal wins, he is happy to face him. Stevenson versus Kovalev has the potential to be the most significant and profitable fight in light heavyweight history.”

The pugnacious and forward chops-busting and Tweeted take-downs on Stevenson of the quack-quack variety has been noted by Michel; he's taking account of which media is being what he deems unprofessional, and told me that those who take the long view, and assume that Adonis will sign on for a “better late than..” bout vs. Kovalev or Pascal won't look silly.

“Adonis is for real, he will not deceive those that (don't indulge in chops-busting) and the entire boxing world!”