SAD SHOCKER Mayweather Pal Earl Hayes Dead After Murder/Suicide Blowup With Wife

An unspeakable tragedy unfolded Monday in Los Angeles, and reports have all-world boxer Floyd Mayweather peripherally involved in the shocking drama.

The gossip site TMZ reported that rapper Earl Hayes allegedly fatally shot his wife, the dancer/reality TV regular Stephanie Moseley, then turned the gun on himself, and killed himself. TMZ reported that Mayweather had been on a video call with Hayes, who had been signed to the boxers’ record label.

An LA Times report stated that they did not confirm the same specifics, and only said that “Floyd Mayweathers’ camp had conversations with” Hayes “shortly before the apparent murder-suicide,” though that phrasing is at best vague, being that one’s “camp” is typically comprised of a bunch of people.

Hayes was seen as a protegee to hip hop heavies Dr. Dre and Timbaland. A Michigan native, he headed to California, to Oakland, to get success in the rap field. He got a rep as a sharp talent as teenager, and was exposed to flashy living in LA, as he negotiated his way in that sphere.

He and Mayweather jelled, and you can hear Hayes’ work on an episode of the Floyd Mayweather-Canelo Alvarez All-Access episode two; the song is called “Images,” and we see images of the “made it” lifestyle of opulence. Hayes is seen pouring himself a libation, and is identified as being affiliated with Mayweathers’ “Philthy Rich Records.” Floyd says that snagging mansions and Bugattis, as he owns, are possible with “hard work and dedication.” Hayes put out a May 2014 or thereabouts release called “Never Give Up,” and snatches of Mayweather’s voice, talking about the need to persevere to climb hurdles, are heard. “You better never give up,” Hayes raps. “Fight till you can’t fight.” Mayweather raved about Hayes as “a helluva writer and a helluva artist” in September 2013, as well.


The Times described the circumstances leading up to the violence: “On Monday, Los Angeles police received calls about 7:30 a.m. that shots had been fired and a woman was screaming in the apartment in the 300 block of Hauser Boulevard in the city’s Fairfax neighborhood, LAPD Officer Jack Richter said. SWAT officers were summoned after the incident turned into a barricade situation.” Shots were heard, and authorities rushed in. The two bodies were found.”

I messaged Mayweather boxing publicist Kelly Swanson to see if any light could be shed, on Monday early evening, and again on Tuesday afternoon, but have not heard back as of yet.

The boxer sent out a response to the tragedy to Instagram and Twitter followers, which is Re-Tweet, or re-post, of a 50 Cent social media missive. The 50 post went out late Monday morning, Cali time. “RIP Hayes, @floydmayweather you are my little brother. All can think about is what you said to me up stairs. Don’t you ever do nothing to your self no matter what champ. We can fall out and fight or what ever, but I don’t want to see you go out like that. #SMSAUDIO #POWER #FRIGO”

Mayweather hasn’t released anything publicly beyond that, though was seen at an LA Clippers basketball game on Monday night, TMZ reporteded. The enigmatic wording in the 50 Cent post–is it a cautionary reach-out to his ex bestie?– hasn’t been publicly reponded to by Team Mayweather or explained by 50, that I’ve seen. I requested a comment from a spokesperson for 50 Cent and will add that to this piece should one be made available. (UPDATE TUESDAY 5:30 PM ET: I received a reply from Team 50 Cent: “No comment.”)

TMZ is of course digging into the story, and reporting that the violence was spurred because Hayes and the wife were enduring stormy weather in their union. Mayweather, the site alleges, without referring to sourcing beyond “one Mayweather source,” advised the rapper to break it off with his lady, who’d been enjoying a role on the VH1 show “Hit The Floor.” Much of that material reads to me as gossip fodder, however.

TMZ reports that the LAPD is seeking to interview Floyd. The boxer has two fights remaining on a six-fight deal with Showtime, the richest pact for a professional athlete in any sport. He fought twice in 2014, beating the rugged Argentine Marcos Maidana in May, and then in a September rematch, both times by decision. His next outing is a matter of speculation; fight fans uniformly wish to see “Money” fight sort-of-rival Manny Pacquiao, but talks between their teams have never reached the point beyond flirtation in a span of five years, so optimism is tempered that a faceoff can be hashed out by those following the story.

I requested a comment from Showtime regarding the Mayweather connection to the Hayes/Moseley tragedy, and will add that should one be furnished. (UPDATE, TUESDAY EARLY EVENING: A Showtime spokesman told me Showtime has no comment on the situation.)

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Far out man. Poor old Floyd. (Like, Earl Hayes, Stephanie Moseley, Josie Harris {albeit earlier than 2014} and {allegedly} Miss Shantel Jackson); 2014 - out of the boxing ring and aside from his bank account - has not been a good year for him. I read an account of this tragedy that alleged Floyd Jr. - via an internet video link - witnessed both killings. If that is the case then it will be interesting as this all unfolds (as it was with the NSAC enquiry into Floyd's All Access antics). Particularly if Floyd is interviewed by the respective police department "first and before" any subpoena is issued for the said video hosting organisation, website and/or owners.