Cotto Advisor Says Talks Ongoing, But Cotto-Canelo Deal “Not Close”

My mind took a flight of fancy this past week, into 2015, which I foresee to be a better year in boxing, with all entities and conglomerates humming on four cylinders, putting their best feet and fists forward, with robust competition and new players in the mix breeding an uptick in competitive matchmaking, as incorporated heavyweights tussle for market share.

I noted that Oscar De La Hoya wasn’t present in Brooklyn for the “B” level Golden Boy show at Barclays which turned out some “A” level action and KOs, from David Lemieux, Hugo Centeno, and Brooklyner Zach Ochoa, and then, after having heard that The Bobfather, the Brooklyn-born Vegas based dealmaker Bob Arum, was in LA in the middle of the week, I drifted off.

I imagined them holed up in a hotel, with a conference room booked, hashing out a deal which would pit young gun Mexican 154 ace against the Puerto Rican stalwart Miguel Cotto, who holds a middleweight crown. With Freddie Roach having told me that Cotto was starting a camp, or a mini camp, on Dec. 7, I put two and two and two together…and thought maybe we’d be hearing about a most anticipated clash, a real-deal Mexico vs. Puerto Rico tangle, any minute now.

OK, hasn’t happened yet. Maybe I’m just lost in a fantasy reverie…But as I was unable to suss out any info from the Golden Boy and Top Rank crews, I reached out to Cotto advisor Gabriel Penagaricano. He’d just celebrated a birthday, so I hoped I caught him in a festive mood, when he was ready to spill some beans.

Hey Gabriel, you able to furnish an update on Cotto-Canelo talks?

“I’ll say that we are talking,” he responded, “but not close to an agreement. Sorry to be so brief, but I normally do not like to comment during ongoing negotiations.”

I take no offense; generally, despite it not being as fruitful from the pressman’s standpoint, negotiations go smoother when there are fewer leaks, and there is no posturing done in the media. Hellooo, Mayweather-Pacquiao talks…

Anyway, I’m hopeful that my fantasy will turn to reality and any day, “not close” will turn to “done deal.”

Cross your fingers with me, would you?

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-rdv_27 :

Hope this fight happens! I wonder if it would be broadcast at movie theaters like Mayweather/Goldenboy fights. I don't know what's what with Goldenboy/Top Rank.

-brownsugar :

Rumors abound that undercover stealth promoter and boxing Potentate Supreme, The venerable Al Haymon has offered legendary slugger and Newyorican legend Miguel Cotto an opportunity to get his groove back by avenging his bitter loss to boxing savant Floyd Mayweather. A loss so bitter a grief stricken and distraught Cotto fled to his dressing room to be consoled by (and to offer consolation) to his family and friends. Actually Cotto has already regained a considerable piece of his swagg after his merciless destruction of the gimp-legged fashion statement and Astro-Boy haircut sporting P4P Champ formally known as Maravella. ...So much so, its been reported that Cotto has been seen hip-bumping SUV's out of his way as he dances a Salsa to the tune of Daddy Yanky on his way to an exclusive JP Morgan bank on Fifth Avenue. The battle for Cinco da Mayo rages on behind the scenes while americans watch reruns of the Walking Dead unaware and oblivious as the movers and shakers of the boxing world go toe-to- in the back-alleys of prime time PPV scheduling in a bloody battle for world domination. Arum..De LA Hoya and Haymon have all had to be stitched up several times as promoter, boxers and cable company CEO's have been forced to leave their comfort zone and abide by principle breaking compromises to make something special happen on May of 2015,... The second prong of the attack involves Manny Paq himself in a possible career ending fight with Floyd(TBE) Mayweather. (The allure of that potential fight being used ad leverage). One thing is certain, options are still on the table or Canelo would not have blurted out "I'm still fighting on May 2nd even if its not with Cotto" .....less than two days ago on selected web based media outlets. And what does he have to lose..... Canelo is only drawing an average of 300,000 without a major player.. Since he had his cherry plucked by FMJ..... hey,..if you cant beat em'.....drag em' down as far as you can. But Cotto vs Floyd at 160 is guaranteed Platinum..... Coal- into-diamonds pressure is being exerted from all sides to produce something special in the competitive cut throat, ride or die world of boxing in 2015. I didnt say i know everything...just somethings. Stay tuned to the TSS for the latest.

-SouthPaul :

I have very little doubts Cotto vs Canelo will be signed. Am only doubtful of the fight location. Crossing fingers for Vegas.

-The Shadow :

Wonderful report, Brownsugar. Miguel Cotto's getting his diva on, though. Pound for pound the toughest negotiator in boxing. Not even close.

-brownsugar :

I have very little doubts Cotto vs Canelo will be signed. Am only doubtful of the fight location. Crossing fingers for Vegas.
It looks like you are correct SP... The Al Haymon factor was obviously no more than negotiation leverage. Like Shadow said ...negotiations with Cotto is arguably more grueling than the fight itself. I doubt Canelo will fight Cotto in NY. ....and I doubt Cotto would go to Texas. Maybe you get your wish for Vegas.