Al Bernstein Salutes Kelsey McCarson

Kelsey McCarson is a very good human being and a fine journalist. Neither of those things will help him when he “fights” Jermell Charlo, one of the best 154 pound boxers in the world. But. those qualities Kelsey possesses are the reasons he is stepping into the ring with Jermell.

This Saturday, December 6 battle–really a sparring session with Charlo who gets ready for a real match on December 13th)– is happening because Kelsey created an event that would motivate people to donate for a very worthy cause. He has put himself in harms way to help raise funds for the family of a young cancer patient named Corbin Glasscock. More than $6,000 has already been raised and more is needed to help pay for some of his cancer treatments.

Kelsey has put himself through a rigorous training schedule so that he can get in the ring and hold up his end of the bargain by at least looking the part of pugilist against the young and talented Jermell. You can read about that in Kelsey’s words elsewhere on The Sweet Science. Just how well it prepared him you can see this Saturday on December 6th when The Boxing Channel runs video of the match. Not that it matters. This is all about the effort and the sentiment behind this event.

Boxing is a hard sport both in and out of the ring. Sometimes it’s business side especially brings out the worst in people. But in my 35 years of broadcasting boxing I have seen dozens of efforts like this one to help people in need. In this case Kelsey, Jermell and others involved with this event are giving boxing a good name. Help them out.


-Radam G :

HAND SALUTE! To K-M(a)c, much power and love. U da MAN! Holla!