Lots To Like in Lomachenko; Loma Gets UD12 Win

Vasyl Lomachenko took on underdog Chonlatarn Piriyapino in the second bout of the HBO PPV slate, on Saturday night (US time), and he won round after round, using both hands, and from round seven on, mostly just his right. Loma hurt his left after landing a sharp tag, and needed to adapt if he wanted to win. The best mover in the whole darn sport did so, flawlessly, against a resolute but more limited athlete. After 12 rounds, the scores for Loma read: 120-107 times 3.

Loma went 368-1006 to 86-471 for the loser.

Loma (now 3-1; age 26; 126 and 132 on fight night; two time Olmpic gold medallist) is from the Ukraine, while Piri (now 52-2; age 29; 126, 137 on fight night) is from Thailand.

In the first, the WBO feather champ Loma, who went 396-1 as an amateur, looked to land his right jab. He scotted right, looked to get an angle. His muscularity stood out and so did his desire to be the aggressor. His trainer/father Anatoliy told Loma not to drop his hands after getting off.

In the second, Loma looked patient, moved smartly, sometimes lead with his left, looked in total control. The Thai trainer asked for body work, and jabs.

In the third, Chon looked to attack, and Loma scooted, moved laterally so smoothly. Loma landed a hard left to the gut, but the Thai kept his calm, didn’t cave.

In the fourth, Loma showed it all, strenth, movement, volume, hand speed, etc. Lots to like…A left after a parcel of combos, felled the Thai, the first time he went to the mat.

In the fifth, Loma couldn’t seal the deal. In the sixth, the tough Thai boxer looked to land, not lay down. He came foreward, and ate clangs off his head for his trouble. Loma in round seven snapped a vicious jab, worked in retreat a whole bunch, and it was noted he wasn’t throwing a left. He rubbed his left wrist and forearm late in the round.

Was he a one handed fighter? It looked like it. Loma had to use all his mobility now, as the Thai was not going to let a one handed guy beat him. His dad told him after the round to at least show the left a bit, use it to feint. To start the ninth, we saw blood from Chon’s nose. And now Loma was throwing the left, a few times. By round 10-11, he was using the left as a decoy and kept on winning rounds. Piri landed a doozy right but it didn’t buzz Loma at all. We went to the cards…

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