“Manny” the Movie is Coming

Earlier this week, Universal Pictures released a new trailer for a documentary sure to stir the interests of fight fans everywhere. “Manny”, a feature length documentary on the life of Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, is set for release just after the New Year.

Beyond the subject of the doc, there are other reasons to be excited about this behind the scenes look at the fighting pride of the Philippines.  The cinematography looks sharp, the access to Manny, Freddie Roach and others in his camp looks genuine, and the inclusion of Mark Wahlberg on camera and Liam Neeson as the narrator would tell you this is going to be a first class release. No skimpy hack job here.

More than that though, the film co-directed by Ryan Moore and Leon Gast has something else going for it. If the second name from the last sentence looks familiar to you, it’s because Leon Gast is the director of the Oscar winning, all-time great documentary on The Rumble in the Jungle, “When We Were Kings.” Anyone who has seen Kings probably just felt their salivary glands start to overreact.

Lovers of the fight game don’t need me to tell them that Manny Pacquiao has led a fascinating life. Raised in poverty, but undeterred by it, the “Pacman’s” legendary boxing career is only part of the story. Manny’s crossover appeal, close relationship with Freddy Roach, and even his political career appear open to scrutiny in Moore and Gast’s film. Let’s hope that’s the case.

The first trailer for the film came out way back in February, and the film is now on at least its third release date—May 16 and November 17, respectively. It does appear the new release date of January 23, 2015 is solid. iTunes has the movie available for pre-order now.

At this time, there is no specific information regarding on demand availability or if the picture will get a release in theaters—limited or otherwise. The odds are certainly good on the former, although I could see iTunes having exclusive rights for a limited length of time.

It is coming though, and that’s reason to be excited enough. Manny’s official Facebook page for the film is heralding the release, and when promotion starts to heat up to this level, you can be fairly confident the date is going to stick.

I will say it is somewhat fascinating that the film is coming out after Manny’s bout with Chris Algieri on HBO PPV, slated for November 22nd. Is it possible he and his team are looking past the Huntington Heartthrob? Because if that fight ends in surprise, Moore and Gast may want to add to the 88 minute run time of “Manny.”

Original Trailer (very similar to the new trailer, just longer):


New Trailer:


iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/manny/id932494204?ign-mpt=uo%3D4

Official Manny Web Site: http://mannypacquiaomovie.com/

Manny Movie Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/MannyPacquiaoMovie?ref=br_tf



-Radam G :

The only surprises in this fight and about it is if C.J. Ross is one of the judges. And if C-Al put up a half-arse scrap after constantly and continously running his trap and talking crap. He and his followers on the mainland USA haven't realized how Money Mayweatherish and Bronerish that they have made C-Al. C-Al has spoken down on and claims to be a better, faster boxer than Broner, Mayweather, Bradley and Marquez. And that he would have knocked out tSR if not for the C-Al's ininjured muglight. Hehehe! C-Al ought to shut the double fudge up by now. In these late hours, he is still claiming that he is going dominate Da Manny and probably stop him. WOW! C-Al doesn't even have a clue of this can of whup-@$$ that he has opened up on himself. Now he is in the DEEP, DEEP quiet before the storm -- a raging-engaging Killa' Typhoon Pacquiao. Da Manny by second-round KAYO! See the upcoming flick of Da Manny next year, my peeps. And even the creeps. Hehe! Holla!