Actor/Fight Fan Eddie Cahill Weighs In On #PacquiaoAlgieri

You might know him as goalie Jim Craig, from the “Miracle on Ice” flick, or as Det. Don Flack from CSI: NY, or Sam Verdreaux, in the TV drama “Under the Dome.”

I know Eddie Cahill as a dedicated fight fan, and someone who impresses me with his easy-going and humble manner, and his the opposite-of-narcissistic manner which is if not rare then not exactly screamingly commonplace among those in his line of work and place of prominence.

I reached out to Cahill to get his take on the Saturday showdown between the Congressman, Manny Pacquiao, the master juggler who darts between boxing, politics and hoops, and family life and endorsements and the like with a marvelous fluidity, and the Huntington Heartthrob, Chris Algieri, a Long Islander who can cement his brand and nest egg for the ages if he downs the Filipino demi-god in Macau.

What about it, what do you think goes down on Saturday, on that Top Rank show which will run on HBO pay-per-view?

“I’m going with Pacquiao,” Cahill told me. “I don’t think Algieri has the speed or power to make a convincing argument in this one…but I do like him. Algieri reminds me of a Paulie Malignaggi-type fighter. High IQ, big heart, good athlete, but not too much power.”

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