Super Fan Rosie Perez Weighs In On Hopkins Effort

Actress/author/superfan Rosie Perez was in attendance hanging with pal Whoopi Goldberg to see if Bernard Hopkins could stave off the inevitable on Saturday night in AC, and was kind enough to offer TSS her take on the bout.

The Brooklyn native Perez, who has given the talk show a jolt of authenticity and humility, because she comes from a place which encourages a person to either survive, and hold a deeper knowledge of humanity’s innards, or perish, furnished sensible insights, no surprise to those who follow her on Twitter.

“Krusher beat B-Hop, no question, hands down,” she told me. “Did he ‘Krush’ him? No. But he did beat him and his boxing skills have improved. I though Hopkins’ post-fight interview in the ring with Max Kellerman was very cool,” Perez continued. “He gave Kovalev his deserved props and didn’t look like a ‘beaten’ man, just a man who lost to the better fighter. This is truly impressive for a man his age. Matter of fact, I was screaming for the win but more for the fact that B-Hop lasted the whole twelve rounds. Another ref would’ve probably stopped it sooner, but I’m glad David Fields didn’t.”

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-deepwater2 :

Rosie is a real fight fan. It was nice hanging with her at the Hall of Fame