Fonfara Wins UD in ChiTown, on Showtime

Andrzej Fonfara of Poland got the W over the Congo’s DouDou Ngumbu on Saturday night in Chicago, and on Showtime, in a decent light heavy scrap. The Pole wasn’t at his sharpest, but maybe Ngu was; he was there to win, fought in a lively fashion and tested the winner, who got the nod by scores of 98-92, 97-93, 97-93.

The Chicago resident Fonfara (age 26) was 25-3 1 NC, while Ngu (32), residing in France, was 33-5 entering.

Fon went 173-558 to 110-343 for the loser.

In the first, Fonfara, looking to get a rematch and win this time over Adonis Stevenson, pumped the jab. They got clinch right away, and the ref had to work hard. Ngu came out looking to win, landed a couple snappy hits. Trainer Sam Colonna told the Pole to work the body after the round, and that Ngu is awkward.

In the second, Ngu pressed forward, backed up the taller man. His right hand was working well for the overseas hitter. In the third, Ngu was the boss, taking it to the Pole. Fon then tried straight launches, inside the wider stuff and got untracked some. He took the round.

In the fourth, Ngu ate some jabs. The looping right was now weaker from the Congolese. In the fifth, the Pole was timing Ngu better. A left hook staggered the underdog. Body work from the Pole was smart and smarted. Ngu looked to move, and then fought back late.

In the sixth, Fon didn’t pull away, as his corner hoped. “We gotta throw more punches,” said Colonna after. In the seventh, Ngu had luck with the right. Fon’s single jabs didn’t help him and his volume wasn’t what his corner hoped for. The right hand, around the side of Fon’s guard, landed clean. Ngu looked game in the seventh and the eighth. The left hook by Ngu was the best punch of the round.

In the ninth, the crowd cheered for the Pole, as they wanted to will the Chi-guy to step it up. In the tenth and final round, we saw the finishing left hook to the body scored for Fon. Left hook to the head caught Ngu coming forward and he finished well.



-the Roast :

Decent fight. Better than watching basketball.