Basic “All Access” Epilogue Sheds Zero Light on Floyd-Ellerbe Beefing

The anticipation for the epilogue episode of Showtime’s “All Access” show got heightened immensely when on Thursday Floyd Mayweather broke the news on Fight Hype that he’s thisclose to divorcing longtime right hand man Leonard Ellerbe, who he said has gotten too big for his britches.

Would we see any footage culled by the Showtime crew of the after hours from last Saturday night, into Sunday, after Floyd proved to be a still most capable ring general, in downing Marcos Maidana via UD12 in Vegas?

We see Floyd and the gang, minus Ellerbe, watching the bout on video. He smiles as he watches some of his handiwork.

We backtrack, to the days before the bout. Floyd says he’s taking this quite seriously. Chino reunites with his son. He gets into a tux, and digs the look, which is…different for a fighter.

Ellerbe is still in good graces, apparently, at the final presser before the big night. He introes Mayweather. Then, Floyd answers questions from media, and we hear him say that only God can judge him. He jets after one with CNN’s Rachel Nicholls goes off the rails, as she’s on hit like a pitbull on the postman.

Floyd teases retiring, says he has only an hour and a half left in the ring.

Warren Buffet sees Floyd in his dressing room. The old man is genial and chuckling, joking Floyd will have more money than him after this fight. Nope; Buffet’s is worth $64 billion.

Bieber is in the dressing room, but doesn’t stroll to the ring with Money, for some reason.

We see fight highlights, and Robert Garcia saying, “You’re letting Mayweather do his gameplan.” Then, the bite. “He bit me. What the eff?” Bayless says he doesn’t see anything. Floyd Sr. tells Bayless he will get violent if anything untoward happens again, acting foolishly, to be honest. Garcia predicts that Bayless will take a point from Chino for rough housing, and he does. Floyd’s oldest daughter asks how to say shut up in Spanish, to counter pro Chino chants.

We see the fighters and Garcia going back and forth, basically amiably.

Chino the next day says he’s happy to have fought well. Floyd calls him rugged and says he has a lot left. Chino tells his son that he couldn’t pull off a bite on a gloved hand.

And to black we fade after we hear that we don’t know how the rest of Floyd’s career will play out. He is playing it like he will retire after 49 fights. Riiiight…