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One time offer!

Take it now, or such terms will not be offered again!

Jean Pascal Promotions CEO Greg Leon would like Team Adonis Stevenson to know that if he signs on the dotted line to fight Jean Pascal, he is authorized to offer “Superman” the larger portion of the money pie.

“If Adonis signs to fight Pascal this year, we will give him a 60-40% split,” Leon told me on Wednesday afternoon. “It's 50-50 after that. And if Adonis won't do it, I want to know what his excuse will be. What will be his excuse now?”

The last time Leon spoke to Adonis' promoter Yvon Michel was a week ago. He heard Michel is in Haiti, and wonders if Michel is trying to put together a deal which would have Stevenson fight a boxer with arguably less skills and inarguably less of a rep and less of a draw at the box office. Gabriel Campillo (age 35; 24-6-1; has won just three of last seven fight) and Umberto Savigne (13-1 Cuban) have been mentioned as possible nexts for Stevenson, and that hasn't been met with kindness on Twitter. Many speculate that the specter of advisor Al Haymon looms over this deal, and that Haymon would rather Adonis fight a lesser level hitter than Pascal, to protect his asset. If that is so, that is fine for Mr. Haymon, but less appealing to the fans, the people who back the sport with their time and wallets.

Us fans just want to see the best fighting the best and too often find ourselves harkening back to an age when the majority of fighters wanted the same.

“Yvon, who usually likes to talk to the media, has been remarkably silent,” Leon continued. “Let's see what they say now.”

Leon is hoping new WBC boss Mauricio Sulaiman steps up, and puts his feet down, and demands Adonis fight the mandatory challenger, Pascal, instead of getting another voluntary defense. Leon has the rules regarding mandatory defenses in the WBC rules book underlined and spouts it to me. “I see it in the rule book. It's time for the WBC to step up.”

This I will say, Greg Leon knows how to cut off the ring better than a lot of guys with titles today…

Your move, Adonis and Yvon.


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