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Marcos Maidana took part on a media conference call Tuesday, to hype his Sept. 13 rematch with Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas, and the Argentine scrapper, who impressed with his effort in losing to Floyd this past May, said that pressure is THE key, while utilizing some forceful terminology.


When Floyd moved, he had problems, “Chino” admitted.

“This fight here, I want him to stand, and fight like a man,” he stated. Me, I see the only way that happens is if Floyd enters with dead legs, but we shall see, friends…

Maidana said he hopes Floyd fights like a man, several times, and hopes he doesn't act like a “little b–ch.”

“Don't be a little b–, like a woman,” he repeated. “Stand and fight like a man!”

And if he moves and runs and dodges contact? Chino said he can win that way, too.

“I'm preparing for anything,” he said. He will chase if he has to.

Will he get that KO within nine, as some of his team have predicted? “I will try,” he said, quite reasonably, but Floyd is a mover, so that will not be so easy.

And is he dirty, as Floyd asserts? That contention doesn't bother him, he said, though it'd be better if Floyd “stops crying and just fight.”

Maidana was joined on the call by Mayweather Promotions' Leonard Ellerbe, Maidana trainer Robert Garcia, Golden Boy VP Eric Gomez and was kicked off by publicist Kelly Swanson.

Maidana told media he's been training hard and wants to rock it on Sept. 13.

I asked Maidana if the only way to beat Floyd is by KO, to start things off in the question department.

The fighter said that no, he thinks he can win by decision or by KO. If he makes adjustments and tweaks his game some, he can win either way. Garcia agreed, and said that he believes Chino can fight like he did the first half of the first fight, and indeed, win via decision. A KO would be nice, though, he acknowledged.

About the gloves, Ellerbe said Maidana will be wearing PowerLock gloves, and Garcia said there will be no excuses around the gloves. “But it does make a difference,” he said, and he understands Floyd has the power to make such calls.

Chino said this time, he can do better if he solves distance issues, doesn't smother his punches. Then, “I think I can hurt him,” Chino said.

Garcia said there has been work in the gym on distance control, and sparring partners have reported his punchers are more powerful this time. The first camp was five weeks, this time they will have a full eight weeks, and that will be a difference-maker, the Cali tutor said.  “I think we'll see a different fight this time,” Garcia said. This time, Maidana is training to win, he said, and there will be no excuses, after this lengthy camp.

Maidana was asked about the rematch factor. “I think it benefits me more having a rematch with him,” he said. He thinks his ability to correct himself will help him more than Floyd knowing what he has in his skills quiver. Garcia said Floyd can't do much different, but “we can.”

And why the rematch? He said he doesn't care why he was granted the rematch, because he deserves it or because of business concerns. “I think I got the rematch because it was a close fight,” he said, reiterating that he doesn't really care why he got the call. Garcia thinks that the rematch was Floyd's only option, and was needed to sell PPVs.

The ref will be Kenny Bayless, not Tony Weeks this time. Thoughts? Chino said that he doesn't know if ref will be too present, and he will do his work regardless. Garcia thinks Weeks did well, and he likes Bayless' work. He thinks Floyd has been prepping whoever was to ref that Maidana is dirty but the trainer thinks Bayless is immune to such influencing attempts.

Maidana was asked about the possibility of Mayweathers' age catching up with him. He said that he thinks age isn't a factor. Floyd is a good athlete and in shape, and it was Floyd's decision to stand and fight. He hopes Floyd again decides to “fight like a man,” and not run.

Garcia said Floyd will be 38, but is a superb athlete. He too hopes Floyd will be in the mood to exchange, and see who the better man is.

And what can Chino do stylistically to improve, to force Floyd to do what he maybe doesn't want to do, to exchange and rumble? The fighter said his conditioning was a factor, in that he got somewhat tired and he will be on Floyd the entire fight this time around. Garcia said his man is this time in even better shape, and he will be pressing for the whole 36.

To lead off, Ellerbe talked up Maidana's chances and said some tix are left. Gomez then said that Garcia will have a great game plan which will lead to Maidana's victory. Garcia said camp has been good and sparring has been stellar.

Chino has worked with Mikey Garcia, Thomas Dulorme and Stevie Forbes, he told us.

Maidana was asked if he's dreamt about kayoing Floyd. “No, I haven't had the pleasure of having such a dream,” he said, losing out on an opportunity to spin a fabulous yarn.

All in all, I'd say Maidana knows his best, if not only chance, is if he can bait Floyd into fighting stupid, staying on the ropes, exchanging, which gives him the best opportunity to land telling blows. I do not think baiting Floyd into fighting a tactically foolish fight will work, and Chino will need an assist from Father Time, big-time, to get the W.

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