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Marcos Maidana doesn’t believe he’ll need to change much against Floyd Mayweather the second time around. Maidana, age 31, thinks he won the first fight against Mayweather already, and that the second time will go his way should it go to the judges.

Mayweather defeated Maidana on May 3 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas via majority decision in a hotly contested 12-round WBC and WBA welterweight title fight . Judge Michael Pernick scored the fight 114–114. Judge Dave Moretti had it 116–112 and Burt Clements scored it 117–111 for Mayweather.

According to CompuBox, Maidana landed more punches on Mayweather, 221, than anyone ever had in a professional prizefight. Still, Mayweather outlanded Maidana 230-221 overall.

The rematch will take place at the same venue on September 13 in Las Vegas. Speaking to media members in Carson, California, Maidana said he liked his chances against Mayweather this time, whether be by knockout or decision.

“I'm always looking for the knockout. And if I can't [get it], I'm going to win by decision.”

Maidana said he doesn’t believe Mayweather will be able to improve much over what he saw from him before.

“[Mayweather] can obviously change and get better, but I can change and get better too. The only thing he can do is box and that's what he did in the first fight. He was moving a lot. What is he going to do? Move more?”

Mayweather fought Maidana within relatively close quarters in the first bout. Many boxing experts wonder if that was by design or if Mayweather’s 37-year-old legs are simply beginning to tire faster in fights as he grows older, making him stand in the pocket more than ever.

A victory over Mayweather would be huge for Maidana, a fighter already popular in boxing circles for the way he manhandled Adrien Broner last year in San Antonio.

“It would be the best thing in my career because I would be the first person to beat him.”

Maidana almost beat him last time out. He gave Mayweather all he could handle, but Mayweather slowly took over down the stretch to earn the hard-fought victory. Maidana said he felt tired after the first half of the fight last time and that he would pace himself better in the second fight.

“I came out strong the first six or seven rounds, and after that I had to take a break and catch my breath a little bit. I had to pace myself. I have to not get as anxious for this fight.”

Don’t expect many other changes from Maidana . The frenetic brawler will use the same style he uses in every fight. Maidana throws uppercuts from the floor and overhand rights from the ceiling to give most opponents he faces something they’ve never seen before. Expect more of the same in September.

“No big changes. Just working on my distance control and a couple other minor changes.”

Maidana believes a longer training camp will help him better prepare for the undefeated superstar, Mayweather, and that the 12 rounds of experience he has with the fighter will give him all he needs to come out on top.

“I've had a little more time to prepare for this fight so this time I'm going to be ready.”

Maidana has never competed in a rematch. It will be interesting to see how he adjusts to Mayweather’s tactics the second time around. Moreover, the first few rounds should be telling. If Mayweather is able to control the pace and action early, the bout will likely be a whitewash. But if Maidana can land power punches and get in Mayweather’s head early, watch out.

“I never thought that he would give me the rematch. But when he decided to, I was surprised.”

Most observers like Mayweather in the rematch. But if you recall, most of the same folks thought the first fight would be easy money for the world’s best. It wasn’t.

“I fight for glory. Obviously, my future is secure. But part of me fighting still is because I want to win. And I want to beat Mayweather.”


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