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LAS VEGAS – If anything the geometric design of the pit fighting concept proved to be a big factor in most of the fights and it was in the main event as Gabe Rosado overcome a knockdown from Bryan Vera and rallied to win by knockout on Saturday.

A crowd of more than 2,500 saw the debut of Big Knockout Boxing which turned out to have not as many knockouts as expected. But the main event saw Rosado knock Texas tough Vera with a counter right that ended the night with an extravaganza knockout.

It was the best knockout of the night that saw four knockouts in total after eight bouts.

The configurations of the pit which were circular on nature and 17 feet in diameter proved room enough for those fighters who like to box and move. But the lip surrounding the pit proved to loom large as an obstacle in every fight. It did so in the Rosado win.

Vera connected with a right cross on Rosado whose foot was near the lip. The force of the punch and the lip tripped Rosado who went down and it was ruled a knockdown by referee Kenny Bayless. Rosado protested a bit then resumed fighting and deposited Vera with an overhand right seconds later. Surprisingly, Vera got up.

From the third round on Rosado connected with that overhand right at will. He even threw in some Sugar Ray Leonard windmill moves that seemed to entertain the crowd. Vera was lost at that point. But he’s not a fighter who quits.

Vera amped up his attack and kept Rosado moving away and firing that right on occasion. The Texan never quit and was looking for that knockout.

In the six round, Vera attacked again and ran into a counter right from Rosado. Down he went and his head seemed to catch the lip of the pit. His neck kind of contorted. He got up stumbling all over the pit and Bayless stopped the fight.

“I did hit him with a big shot. That’s what I do,” said Rosado of Philadelphia. “I’m going to be a boxer.”vera rosado

Other bouts

Junior middleweight David Estrada defeated Eddie Caminero again and once again it was a bruising and exhausting fight for both. Estrada’s strength and stamina proved the difference as he knocked down Caminero three times but couldn’t put the tough kid from Mass. away. After seven rounds Estrada was given the decision unanimously.

“He knew he was tough I fought him before on Shobox,” said Estrada.

Oxnard’s Javier “Pelos” Garcia knocked out Darnell Jiles at 1:48 of round five to win the BKB welterweight title in a rough fight that saw some intentional head butts. A left hook ended the night for Jiles who didn’t respond to referee Russell Mora’s instructions after getting knockdown.

Kushid Abdulaev, who now trains in Oxnard, knocked down Ricardo Pinell with a right cross in round five to win by unanimous decision in a middleweight contest.

Boston’s Gabe Duluc won a majority decision over San Antonio’s Kendo Castaneda despite being deposited to the floor by a five punch combination. Duluc out-boxed Castaneda to win the majority decision after five rounds.

Oxnard’s Herbert Acevedo blasted Raul Tovar three times in three rounds. A left hook tagged Tovar in round two. They resumed and a right hand put Tovar down again but he beat the count. In the third round a left-right-left combination from the Oxnard fighter put Tovar down for good at 1:39 of round three.

Lekan Byfield out-pointed Don Mouton after five 2-minute rounds of exchanges. Mouton nearly stopped Byfield but referee Jay Nady decided he was clear enough to continue in round three. A left hook nearly ended the round. All three judges scored it for Byfield.

The action began with big heavyweights Kevin Pollard winning by technical knockout over Chicago’s Boban Simic at 1:30 of the third round. It was clear thatPollard seemed a little more comfortable despite the alien confines and small dimensions. Pollard’s strong jabs set up the stoppage after snapping Simic’s head a few times.

“He was solid. All respect to him,” said Pollard.


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