Barclays Center Source Says They Are “No Longer Interested” in Hosting Hopkins-Kovalev

TUESDAY UPDATE: I see Boxrec lists the Hopkins-Kovalev bout for Atlantic City. I asked Main Events’ Kathy Duva if this is true.

“I cannot say for sure at this point,” Duva told me. “I have a meeting with my partners at Golden Boy later today to discuss.”

SUNDAY UPDATE: Main Events chief Kathy Duva touched base with TSS, to give an update on site choice for Kovalev-Hopkins. “We are still looking at Atlantic City and one other venue that has expressed interest,” the promoter for Sergey Kovalev told me. “We will make our decision early in the week. I can’t say any more, at this point, as we are co-promoting with Golden Boy and must make all decisions and announcements together.”

A source with intimate knowledge of the goings on tells me that Barclays Center has removed itself from volunteering to serve as a host for the forthcoming light heavyweight showdown between the ageless wonder Bernard Hopkins and the Russian terminator, Sergey Kovalev. The 175 pound title consolidation scrap will likely land in Atlantic City, on Nov. 1, the source tells me. “We are putting on a major music event with Live Nation on Nov. 1,” the source said.

The promotion will be a shared effort between Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy and Main Events, led by Kathy Duva. Golden Boy places NY events in Brooklyn, but Duva is often keen to place shows in AC. Though that region has been stung by a stream of casino closures and wasn’t able to attract a truly robust crowd for Kovalev’s bout on Aug. 2, it is looking like the gambling mecca will be the platform for perhaps the most anticipated scrap in the year of boxing 2014.

Regular readers know I make no secret in saying that I am an unabashed fan of Barclays, their committment to the sport, and the increase in bouts the NYC fight fan enjoys because of the competition between them and Madison Square Garden. I’m not one to kick someone or some place when they are down, and truly rue the negative economic impact casino closures will have on hard-working folks in AC…but I believe the buzzy borough of Brooklyn was the best fit for this scrap.



-deepwater2 :

I would like BK also for my convenience but thinking about it , most fans are from outside ny . Philly , nj , dc and the rest of the country. Where will they stay overnight because their not driving in and driving right back . AC has the hotels and gambling at least . A hotel in NYC costs an arm a leg and your first born . In NYC no gambling and no buffet.

-Bernie Campbell :

Mr Postman, hows about another set of genuine Stieglitz gloves

-The Commish :

Mr Postman, hows about another set of genuine Stieglitz gloves
Ya' gotta' listen to your doc, Bernie. Take those meds. We plead with you. Over to B-Hop v Kovalev, it's Atl. City here we come...Ready to book my room in A.C. and take the 160 mile drive to the once-bustling casino town on the water. Hope to see many of you there. -Randy G.

-amayseng :

Although NYC is crazy expensive I love the place and was looking forward to hitting the local bar with you guys after the fight.... Atlantic City will do just fine though. Commish please let me know asap when you know when tickets for the event go for sale. thanks

-The Commish :

I will be on the phone Wednesday morning with Main Events to see if the date is locked in. With Barclays backing out of the picture, we now know where the fight will be--Atlantic City. We just don't know the date. It will either be November 1 or November 8. I am hearing the 8th. I am planning on heading down either the night before (if I can pre-record my Friday SiriusXM show) or head down the first thing Saturday morning. I am hoping a bunch of you can make it to A.C., as well. -Randy G.