Golovkin Vs Rubio Is Next, According To Rubio Tweet

Gennady Golovkin has his next victim, er, foe lined up.

Marco Antonio Rubio, a 34-year-old Mexican boxer who holds the interim WBC middleweight title, Tweeted out Thursday evening that he will tangle with Triple G on Oct. 18.

The vet, who sports a 59-61 mark, with 51 KOs, has a chin that can be dented, so the response on Twitter to his news was mostly of the “timberrr” variety. Of his six losses, three have come via stoppage.

Some more casual boxing fans might remember Rubio from his 2009 attempt to beat then middleweight titlist Kelly Pavlik. It didn’t go so hot that night, as Rubio was never in the fight and retired after nine rounds. He had another crack at a crown in 2012, against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, then holding the WBC middleweight title, and lost a UD12. He’s won six straight since, against mostly mid-level opposition.

I messaged Golovkin advisor Tom Loeffler to verify, and he said Rubio is one of the guys HBO accepted, but “nothing has been finzalized.” Loeffler had previously said that Golovkin would fight in October or November, likely in California. A source with knowledge of negotiations seconded Rubio’s Tweeted news, that Golovkin-Rubio is a done deal, for the record.

Rubio backers might point out that his chin ain’t china, that he lost stoppages in 2001, and 2004, before Pavlik squashed him. That said, I feel like Rubio will need a minor miracle to make it to the final bell against Golovkin without hitting the deck.



-the Roast :

Pointless fight. 1 round KO. No thanks.

-StormCentre :

Indeed he will.

-deepwater2 :

What a let down.where is Quillin ? Step in before the purse bid happens and give Kovalev step aside money. Is everyone else tied up or avoiding GGG?

-teaser :

Rubio deserves a shot just on perseverance ?he's been fighting anyone who would get in the ring with him?yes for sure there could have been a better matchup for GGG

-oubobcat :

This is not a fight I like either for Golovkin but unfortunately with Sturm out there are not many other options at the moment for him. I actually thought they may target Kessler but if Kessler is working on a Ward rematch than obviously he is out as well. And between the fighters with Haymon and those who simply don't want to face GGG, there are not many options left on the table. With the Chavez Jr. situation with Froch in peril, I would sure love to see Golovkin-Froch. I guess the question would be whether or not this is a fight Froch would want. I honestly think this is a fight Froch would take under the right circumstances. Froch has never backed down from a challenge before and has faced one of the most difficult schedules in the sport over the last few years. I understand he made those comments HBO showed prior to the Golovkin-Geale fight but think too that if made some substantial offer Froch would take the fight in Vegas.

-amayseng :

Rubio up for his third try for a belt. I am more talented than Rubio. Seriously Rubio will be beaten inside of two, like a joke. What a joke for a GGG fight, GGG is ready for superstar fights. Why not GGG vs Froch in Vegas? With a solid undercard it could do good PPV numbers. Or play it in Wembley. Or am I off base here?

-BFF :

oh come on guys, we should appreciate this fight match up after last weekends super fights on showtime(sarcasm for those whom might think im serious).....gotta give credit to Rubio for taking the fight and of course GGG should be fighting better oppostion, but lets be real, this is the only guy who is even stepping up to the plate at the moment, and we better take it all in that GGG is even fighting more than once a year before he hits that superstardum status. We all know how often the top "p4p" cats fight, and believe me, 3G is climbing up the ranks fast, and before we know it, he will be the P4P king. Fun fight to watch for as long as it will last though.

-The Commish :

Rubio deserves a shot just on perseverance …he's been fighting anyone who would get in the ring with him…yes for sure there could have been a better matchup for GGG
At least GGG is saying busy. Nothing's worse than a champ who climbs in the ring once or twice (if we are lucky) a year. And this is with him being forced into a layoff earlier this year because of the passing of his father. Yes, on perseverance alone, Rubio deserves the shot. -Randy G.

-the Roast :

Rubio has won six fights in a row against who? Not good enough to get a third title shot in my book. Rubio is gonna get hammered!

-StormCentre :

Nighty night Rubio. Sleep well.

-The Good Doctor :

See alot of giving grief to GGG but I think we need to make an important distinction here. The distinction is between the fight we want and the best fight that's available. The best option around after Quilin (who said he's not interested right now) is Rubio. I guess you could maybe throw out Trout if he wanted to move up but that isn't much better. You could maybe say Sturm but after getting routed by Soliman less than 3 months ago, I am not sure how much of an option he really is either Look around from 154-168 and everyone either has a fight scheduled, most of which are fighting soon, or is fresh off of a recent bout. Do I like the matchup?, nope not at all. Do I understand it? Absolutely. GGG wants to stay sharp and he looked at the landscape and this is the best he could get.