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Genady GolovkinThe face is kind but the fists are hard and the intent is nasty. Gennady Golovkin, the grinning asassin, stopped overmatched Daniel Geale in round three in the main event at Madison Square Garden on Saturday evening, and on HBO. The end came at 2:47, via TKO, as Mike Ortega didn't like the looks of Geale after he arose to beat the count.

The ending right came after Geale landed his own right, a stiff power punch. But there's stiff, and then there's STIFF.

On paper, many said Geale, an ex titlist, was to be Golovkin's sternest foe. It didn't pan out that way. He didn't have the pop to put off Triple G, and his chin couldn't withstand the fire from the king of kazakh athletics. This was the 17th straight stoppage for the victor. He said after he liked to get the KO, because that is entertaining for the fans. He said he wants to unify crowns and then when pressed, said he wants to fight Miguel Cotto.

Geale promoter Gary Shaw told me after that GGG is the real deaal, better than he expected and would beat both Cotto and Canelo Alvarez. “Too powerful and too much pressure,” he said.

GGG (159.8) was 29-0 with 26 KOs entering, while Geale (159.2) was 30-2 with 16 KOs for the Aussie.

In the first, Trip had a nice jab, and slipped and ducked, while he warmed up. DG moved a bunch, was active with the jab, and looked to attack enough to get some respect. The right clanged on him and then a left hook to the body stung Geale. He went down, ruled a slip. He landed clean a few times but it didn’t make the champ blink.

In the second, down went Geale early. A right to the head hurt him and body work did too. Geale tried to not get trapped on the ropes and was successful some in that vein. The knockdown shot was maybe from a right behind the head. The doc looked at a cut over the right eye of Geale.

In the third, Geale danced laterally, tried some potshot counters, and clinched some protectively. A right hand to the face sent Geale down and the ref didn’t like his eyes and halted it.


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