Algieri Has Been Watching Tape To Get Ready For Pacquiao…Tape of 24/7!

I cracked up when I was questioning Chris Algieri, who scored the opportunity of his fighting lifetime when he signed to fight Manny Pacquiao in Macau on Nov. 22, after I asked him if he had started watching tape of Pacman, to help his prep.

“I’ve been watching the HBO 24/7, the last fight between Manny and Tim Bradley. It’s going to be my first 24/7.”

I busted out laughing, and Algieri cracked up too, intuiting that his answer was quite the signal of the age. He gets it, that he’s an athlete, yes, but also a sports entertainer, and, yes, a BRAND. So, he wanted to see how others are repping their brands on that premium network. Makes sense to me, as I think he has a pretty good idea of how he’ll want to fight Pacman, and as the fight moves closer, he will be drilling with coach Tim Lane, who does pretty well at pretending to be a lefty with fast hands and swift feet. And, what were the takeaways, if any, from watching the 24/7?

“I think I will do what I do, and I’ll be fine. I mean, I’m a character, and that should show pretty well on camera pretty well,” said the 30-year-old man, single, with no children.

The fighter has been staying in shape, he said, basically getting back to doing cardio right away after his June 14 fight in Brooklyn against Ruslan Provodnikov, in which he snagged Ruslan’s 140 pound crown. He said that he loves preparing for fights, getting a gameplan into shape, and he’s been boxing for about a week now. He will make sure not to overtrain, and knows coach Lane and co-trainer Keith Trimble have a good sense of when he’s overexerting. Algieri said that he will keep the same team of coaches, but yes, might hire someone to help with scheduling.

Team Algieri will be training in NY, and then likely move to Vegas to work for three or more weeks. Then, they will travel to Macau, for two weeks, to acclimate to the region and rhythm. He is aware, he said, that there will be a different level of mental grind, with all the traveling, all the media work, and that the camp will be a considerable expense, with all the air travel and such. “I won’t change my team at all. I’m going to ride these guys until the wheels fall off. And they me,” he said, chuckling.

His last messages for the rooters and the non-believers? “Just tune in to 24/7…and by the time the fight goes off, I will have a lot more believers. And after Manny, is Floyd next? Of course!”

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-thegreyman :

He can watch every tape he likes, but Manny will still be too fast, too smart and too much of an old ring hand for Algieri to bluff his way through this one.

-deepwater2 :

I give Gentleman Jim Corbett, oops... I mean Chris Algieri a small shot at winning the bout but to say Lane does a good job at mimicking southpaw Manny might be a cruel joke. Please take that back.

-Radam G :

Because one of C-Al's mug peepers was fudged up and swollen shut by tSR, people around C-Al suffered from inattention blindness and haven't had any post thoughts to treat his concussion. Dude is one concussed mofu. Hehehe! He is going to be the not-a-chance-in-hell pug of the "Macau Massacre." Da Manny, aka 3M -- Mindanao Mauler Manny -- is going to chew New York C-Al up and spit him out. Da Manny can-no-longer-hit jive will HALT. There will be no doubt. Holla!

-UrSuperHero :

what the ..... u cracked up over that? that's not even funny. anyway... chris will get absolutely smashed and he will run .. rusaln was 5 rounds up after 3rnds .. he won or drew that fight.. chris 1st instinct when overwheld is to back up an retreat.. u see his mannerisms he gets scared worried its natual instinct for him.. he tries to get confidence during the fight.. hes not sure of himself at all.. u know why ? cos he hasnt had enough fights.. he was on espn 4months ago lol that right there is a reason he doesn't deserve to be fighting manny.. Look at lara vs canelo.. lara is 20x better than chris.. as soon as chris relises he cant hurt manny hell back up run run run !! manny will get frustrated . .