How Sure Is Algieri He Will Beat Pacquiao? “ONE HUNDRED PERCENT”

Twitter, I like to say, was built to exemplify the phrase “contempt prior to investigation.”

People will fire off a half baked, fully furious critique of an issue or a person they know almost nothing about with the certainty possessed by someone with a Master’s degree in the matter.

So it was when it came out that Long Island, NY’s Chris Algieri, a 30 year-old boxer who exploded as an “overnight success” when he shrugged off two first round knockdowns at the hands of Ruslan Provodnikov to defeat the Siberian Rocky, had scored a fight with MannyPacquiao.

Garbage fight.

Won’t watch.

Should be on ESPN, not pay per view.

Pillow fister.

Lots of smack talk.

From cocky boxing media, one or two guys who fancy themselves bigger than the sport, and from the public.

Then, a funny thing happened.



Changing of perception.

“The reaction at first, there were a lot of naysayers,” said Algieri, who lives in a nice town called Huntington. “Since then, I can’t believe it, how many people are interested in this fight. So many people saying I’m going to win. Media and fans. I was killed on Twitter before the Ruslan fight, but this time, it started bad, and then now, after three days, it’s very, very positive.”

And how does the 20-0 (8 KOs) hitter explain the shift in perception?

“I think I opened a lot of eyes in the last fight, and people who really know the sport, and go behind the numbers and styles think I have a very real chance against Pacquiao.”

And, if you’ve followed Algieri here on TSS and on Boxing Channel, then you know he doesn’t lack for confidence. The Twitter toughs call it cocky, wish for Manny to drop and stop the kid who exudes an inalterable belief in self. That surety is on display when I ask him if he thinks he will beat Pacman, the 35-year-old Congressman with a 56-5-2 record.

“One hundred percent I believe I will win,” he said.

And, are you more or less sure that you will beat Manny compared to how you felt going into the Ruslan fight?

“Maybe more,” he said, a couple minutes before heading to the gym for a workout.

And why’s that?

“Ruslan was a very, very dangerous guy. You could do everything right and still lose. Manny is dangerous too…but Ruslan is young and powerful and hungry. That’s not to say Manny is not, but…This is the theater of the unexpected. Manny has had 60 fights, will be almost 36 come fight time. There were not many unknowns going into the Ruslan fight. Ruslan, the guy’s a killer.”

That “cocky” demeanor some cited after his post-fighter interview June 14, I got a better read on it from chatting with Algieri. He told me he doesn’t use negative Twitter chat or critiques from big shot writers to fuel him. No, he said, positive OR negative material doesn’t affect him. That’s because he knows who he is, and what he can do, and his perception of self isn’t moved by attaboys or yousucklosers.

“It’s the theatre of the unexpected,” he said. “And how many people thought I’d get killed by Ruslan?”

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-Radam G :

"It's the theatre of the unexpected" YUP! It is also the hurt business [hurt bitnezz]. And let me not forget to throw in "legal mayhem" chop chop. C-Al's chance of winning in Macau is ZERO! He has no snap, crackle, pop. In the "Empire State," he is an air-punching hero. But in Macau, he will be a canvas mop. When tSR hit C-Al in that first round, C-Al went down as if he were shot. Recovering from Da Manny's missiles, torpedoes and nukes, he will not. Other than for the dough, this is one fight that C-Al will regret that he got. We may fly in Mr. T so that he can say: "I pity da FOOOOL (a lot)!" Holla!

-Froggy :

Radam G has got it right, C-Al will have a short night !

-Skibbz :

This guy had the crookametics stacked in his favour in NY, but in Macau he will be fed to the dogs. I mean, Ruslan Provodnikov is not the best boxer, he doesn't have umpteen belts in umpteen divisions and he isn't regarded as being one of the best pound for pound pugilists ever in the history of the sport. He's a come forward all action no regard for his own brainbox fighter who just wants to cut more heads than your local barber. Pacquiao on the other hand is a totally different league of fighter. Algieri has been swept off his feet by the crooked judges and his new found fame in his home town and it's affecting his decisions and thoughts quite clearly. I hope he doesn't damage his brain any more or he might not make it to school when he retires after this fight.

-SouthPawFlo :

Out boxing an Overacheiving Friday Night Fighter is one thing, but out boxing an All Time Great Fighter is another. Winning a controversial decision not far from you Home Town is one thing, Winning a Decision on the other side of the world is another

-The Commish :

I went with Chris Algieri against Ruslan Provodnikov and I am picking him against Da Manny. Algieri by decision! -Randy G.

-Radam G :

Even Teddy Atlas told C-Al that he -- Teddy Atlas -- thought C-Al lost. There will be no gift for C-Al in Macau. He is the gift that is going to be served as a turkey dinner. Hehehe! Sorry Commish! Your boy's chances of getting another gift decision are below zero. Da Manny by angry KO. Holla!

-Skibbz :

Too right RG. Algieri will do his best to make it a boring fight and force manny to cut him off all night. Sooner manny puts him to bed the better.

-King Beef :

Glad he is confident, but I can't see this one going too well for him. Personally think this fight stinks, but hey get your $$$ C-Al, although it is probably gonna come with alot of pain.

-brownsugar :

A fighter should be 100% sure of himself no matter what the odds are or what's the point in competing?... Algieri recently commented that he could beat Mayweather too. Now that's what I call confidence.

-Radam G :

A fighter should be 100% sure of himself no matter what the odds are or what's the point in competing?... Algieri recently commented that he could beat Mayweather too. Now that's what I call confidence.
Dude is clearly delusional. He said in an interview that he shocked the world "once by beating" tSR and that he "will shock the world twice this year by beating Pacquiao...then I'm going to beat Mayweather in 2015." This is what happens to a guy who is given a gift. He starts to think that he is entitled. C-Al should STFU and man UP. He hasn't shock anybody ONCE. He got his arse handed to him by tSR. And the hometown judges did some home cooking for C-AL. It is no way that he doesn't know that he LOST. You could see it on his face when Teddy Atlas told him so. And also you could see it on the face the night of the bout. Dude believes that he is entitled just as Bradley believed. And C-Al is darn crazy if he honestly believes that he is going to rolled up in Macau and "knock Pacquiao out, because it has happened before," he says in the interview. He also says that he would've "knocked out" tRS if he "wouldn't hurt" his eye. The belief of entitlement has messed C-Al up, or maybe he is concussed for the whuppin' that tSR put on him. Holla!

-Skibbz :

I completely agree with RG. Algieri has been knocked off his feet and into the clouds with his delusions. I watched an interview where he called boxing a rhythm sport. It is again another sign that his lack of amateur experience will hold him back against the best competitors. He may be physically one of the best conditioned boxers in the division, but his notions of boxing are all wrong. The amateurs in the top level of competition don't play with rhythm, the best boxers in the pro's don't either. You fool your opponent with rhythm, that's how knock outs happen and that's how Chris will be brought down to reality and onto the canvas.