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floyd Mayweather

The 'who is next for Floyd' sweepstakes usually drags on longer than this, but it’s looking like maybe we are getting clarity on who will glove up on Sept. 13 against the “Money” man, if you’re going by Floyd’s appearance on the BET Awards red carpet on Sunday night.

Hostess real Miss Kris asked Floyd what he has cooking, and the 38-in-February-year-old hitter, this era’s top dog and a master manipulator of the media, told her that he’ll be meeting a familiar face in his next tussle.

First, the 46-0 (26 KOs) Floyd got off a good line when asked how he’s managed to build what Kris termed “an empire,” and he gave credit to his makers, mom and dad. “I don’t know if I was made in the back seat of a Cadillac, but I’m here,” the Michigan native cracked.

And, what is next? “September 13th, back to business, Marcos Maidana, Floyd Mayweather part two, and then in May, I’ll have a big surprise for you, everybody tune in.”

I poked Maidana trainer Robert Garcia to comment on Floyd’s news drop, and requested comment from Showtime boxing boss Stephen Espinoza for a response well. I will add that material as I receive replies.

Mayweather and Maidana engaged in a much more fan friendly bout than everyone expected on May 3, in vegas, at the MGM, Floyd's home fighting base. Floyd emerged slightly more nicked than usual, with a majority decision.

I agree with the Maidana choice, if that comes to fruition. Maidana deserves the scrap, I think, being that he did better against Floyd than anyone since Jose Luis Castillo. Can he do better in the rematch? I'm doubtful…but what do I and everyone else saying that really know, being that most of us thought he'd win maybe a round in the first tangle. And also, maybe Floyd's legs are getting gray, and in fact, a physical decline is accelerating, and the Argentine can finish the job in September.

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