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Joe DeGuardia-woods

Hey Joe DeGuardia how does it feel to promote the most buzzed-about boxer on the planet, Chris Algieri?

“It feels spectacular,” the New York based promoter told me on Tuesday late afternoon. “The interest, the accolades, I'm reading all the comments, they love him.

“It's a pleasure, he deserves it all. He's been doing nonstop interviews, the radio station 1010 WINS had him on in drive time this morning, Fox Business is having him tomorrow, downtown.”

DeGuardia, no fool, is striking while his iron is glowing, and told me he was on the phone with Top Rank boss Bob Arum Monday, and will get on the horn with him later in the week as well. DeGuardia called their chat “initial talks,” and lauded Arum as “the premier promoter in the world.” The vet dealmaker surely knows what he sees in Algieri, DeGuardia said, that his outside the ring resume, articulateness, looks and in-ring chops could prove to be a transcendent package, a most alluring B side to Pacman. And one PR folks wouldn't be afraid to book onto a Tonight Show, or The View, or what have you…

DeGuardia pointed out that as it played out Saturday, it was his kid who emerged as the “Rocky” character, making it to the final bell with one good eye after hitting the deck twice in the first round.

He said he's getting calls for Algieri to maybe fight the best and brightest in and around 140 pounds, so it sounds like he's in a sweet spot even if Marquez suddenly does the Algieri drop, and reduces his ask to $15 million for another Manny scrap. DeGuardia did sound open to taken this kid to Macau, though, if the price is right. “But I'd like that to be in New York, it would sell out either of the arenas here..or it would be great in Vegas.. but obviously finance dictate and I'm a realist. The key is to negatotiate something to get them in the ring.”


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