Heather Hardy Talks Caloric Deprivation

You get your boxing writers who are snipers with the keyboard, who talk to down to, diss and dismiss the people who take that brave walk up those four steps, into that squared circle, under those bright lights, their heart beating hard, the butterflies colliding maniacally in their bellies. I never want to be that guy…

One element of what pros go through which doesn’t maybe get enough press, which maybe is spoken of too flippantly, is making weight.

This rant topic popped up in my head this morning when I talked to New Yorker Heather Hardy, who looks to go to 10-0 when she takes part in the first female fight in Barclays Center, against Jackie Trivilino (9-7-3). Heather, a 32 year old hitter who turned pro in 2012, and fights for Lou DiBella, told me she ate some oatmeal on Thursday morning…and that would likely be it for the day.

Oh, sorry, I forgot..she did say she would be chewing something else…some ice chips.

Just chips, mind you, because if she were to guzzle a 16 ounce Poland Spring, guess what, that would be 16 ounces of weight added to her frame.

About 400 calories worth of oatmeal.

For the whole damn day.

I’m going to remind myself of that the next time I’m tempted to make a Scale Fail joke for someone, I think…

Check out the Hardy video, for the Boxing Channel.




-The Commish :

Heather Hardy works as hard as anybody at Gleason's. She is a single mom, doing a great job of raising her daughter. When she lost her home in Superstorm Sandy, she moved in with her parents. When their house was destroyed in a subsequent storm, the family dispersed to live with family members. Gleason's Gym owner Bruce Silverglade permitted Hardy to live in the gym. It's a great place to train and shoot movies and commercials. But to live? Trainer Devon Cormack, a former elite kickboxer, pushes her very hard in the gym. Her hard work makes even the toughest male fighters envious. Her style--straight forward and in your face--makes fans out of everybody who watches her in action. At a recent Hardy victory, two male fans were screaming for her to win. Later, when asked if they were part of Team Hardy, one of the guys said, "No, we're big fans, though. We saw her fight last year. She was so exciting that we had to see her again. She was just as exciting that night. We would rather watch Heather than any other fighter out there." "Any other fighter?" they were asked. "Any other!" they replied in unison. That's what Heather Hardy has meant for the New York boxing scene. I know just how those guys feel. Heather has come into studio with me and Gerry Cooney on several occasions. She is a class act. She and my wife have become friends. My wife loves boxing and all its personalities. But it has been many years since she has singled out a fighter as her favorite. Tomorrow night, I will be sitting ringside at the Barclay's Center with my wife. I am not going as a journalist or as the former head of the NYSAC. I am going as a fan. It will be fun just to watch her screaming, yelling and cheering for her favorite fighter today. Heather "The Heat" Hardy. -Randy G.

-Skibbz :

Great post Commissioner I'll be watching with eagerness to see how Heather pours it on her opponent. I must admit the only pro female boxer I follow is Cecilia Communales, the premier boxing babe! There are many skilled female boxers and it's always a pleasure watching them duke it out in the Olympics but I rarely get the time or opportunity to watch them in the pro's. This will be that great opportunity I've been looking for. Best to Heather and her team!