Freddie Says Manny’s Next Being in Macau Isn’t Set in Stone

The punching Congressman has been in Jerusalem, on a religious retreat, but we can expect Manny Pacquaio to make himself aware of what happens in the main event on Saturday night in Brooklyn, at Barclays Center, when potential foes Ruslan Provodnikov and Chris Algieri face off.

I chatted with Pacman’s trainer Freddie Roach, who also helms The Siberian Rocky, and he said he last spoke to Pacquiao about two weeks ago, when Manny called in to wish another Dedeham Freddie client, Miguel Cotto, well before his June 7 tangle.

“I think he’s getting back today or tomorrow,” said Roach, after a presser at Barclays to hype the Saturday card, portions of which will air on HBO.

And, I wondered, what’s the time frame for picking Manny’s next? “Bob Arum asked me who I wanted, I said, ‘Danny Garcia,’ he’s going to research that, see if it’s possible, because we don’t know if Al Haymon’s involved. Then Arum asked me about Amir Khan, I said, ‘I think I’d rather fight the other guy, style wise it’s better.’ And there’s been talk of him fighting Ruslan and if Ruslan is impressive in this fight, that could be a possibility also.”

And if Ruslan looks great, will that put pressure on Juan Manuel Marquez to reduce his ask, purportedly $20 million, to fight Manny again? Freddie didn’t disagree with that notion…

“They talk about fighting in China, if these big fights happen, they gotta move the location, because Marquez, Ruslan, those are big fights in America, and on pay-per-view, even Danny Garcia, I don’t think that would go from China. I think they would bring it to America, depending on the opponent. If a China fight does come off, with a high quality, tough-tough fight like against Ruslan, they don’t know who Ruslan is over there…”

Freddie said he sees a Manny-Marquez fight as having Vegas written all over it, basically, and same goes with a Manny-Ruslan bout. So, does he think Manny’s next is cemented for Macau, then?

“No,” Freddie said.

You think there’s wiggle room?

“Yeah,” he replied.

Freddie said Zou Shiming, in the very near future maybe fighting for a title, would satisfy the people in and around Macau. “So, I don’t know exactly which way it’s gonna go. Cause some of those opponents are not gonna go to Macau.”

Readers, your thoughts? Does it matter to you if Manny’s next is in macau, where he fought Brandon Rios last year? Do some foes make sense for there, and others don’t? Talk to me, in our Forum.



-The Commish :

Personally, I don't care if Manny Pacquiao fights in Las Vegas, Macau or anywhere else...I just want to see him fight again. Soon! It is unfortunate, but the presence of Al Haymon in the camps of many potential Pacquiao opponents will prevent Pac-Man from facing them. Danny Garcia is such an opponent. I know we've seen them over and over, but I say bring back Juan Manuel Marquez for a fifth fight. He and Manny always make for demolition derby. Do it in the U.S., do it in Macau...just do it! I still wish $$$May v Pacquiao could be made. While I don't believe it will, I'm holding out hope. It should have been made a long time ago. -Randy G.

-The Shadow :

I'd like to see it, if only to see whether the PPV model works in China. Would be a huge game changer for the economy/economics of boxing. Other than that, not really interested unless he faces a body. Leave Marquez alone. They can forget about Mayweather, too. HBO ponied up a signing bonus for the contract extension with Top Rank (ironically what HBO got criticized for doing a few years ago with other fighters; funny how perceptions change) so they've got millions invested in him. They all know it's not happening. It's a pipe dream. Too much to pay to two fighters. Not enough wiggle room for the financial risk-takers. Margins are too slim. Enough of this recycling streak. He's faced three guys since 2011. Send a formal offer to Shawn Porter, should he defeat Kell Brook. Or Maidana. Why not? That would be a firefight. If he fights Abregu or Jessie Vargas I'd be very disappointed. Maybe not disappointed. Disinterested.

-oubobcat :

I don't care where Pacquiao fights. I'll purchase the PPV regardless of whether its in Vegas or Macau. As far as opponents, a fifth fight with Marquez intrigues me a lot. They made four great fights so far. Their last fight of course was very exciting. I like great fights and can't see any scenario where a fight between these two is bad. If not Marquez, well then I am starting to think it will be Provodnikov if he wins on Saturday. There is some intrigue to that bout and Provodnikov is also one of those fighters who just can't be in a bad fight. If Algeiri pulls the upset, then put his name in the hat. It would be a bit of a long shot but we have seen such situations happen before (remember Josesito Lopez getting the Canelo fight after upsetting Victor Ortiz). I think Gamboa would be a possibility if he defeats Crawford later this month. I like Crawford in that fight however. If Crawford wins, I don't see him as a candidate at this time. Mikey Garcia may be a wild card in this. Maybe some kind of catchweight could be negotiated. It could be a way that Top Rank settles the suit and makes a big fight out of things. It is a long shot at this time though to say the least but not entirely out of the question. Abregu would be the last resort I think if all other options are completely exhausted. If its Abregu, then the fight would almost certainly have to be in Macau. Realistically, I don't see many more options at the moment. This could all change down the line but probably not in the immediate future.