Arum Explains Why He Is Bringing Pacquiao Back To Macau

After Manny Pacquaio fought Brandon Rios and the pay per view numbers didn’t overwhelm him, promoter Bob Arum was thinking maybe he would table the Pacman fighting in Macau concept.

But the deal maker is saying the next Pacman bout, against foe TBD, will occur in Macau. What changed, I asked the Hall of Fame promoter.

Arum said he isn’t focusing on Macau because he is down on the MGM, as he made explicitly clear during a fightweek rant before Pacquiao-Bradley 2. No, he said, Macau is proving to be a stellar fight site, that is the sole impetus.

A card topped by Donaire-Vetyeka “sold the emeffer out” four hours before the card kicked off, he said, of a packed arena, during the card which ran on May 31. The people are hot for boxing, the gaming tables are hot there, “boxing is booming in China.” And that will increase, he said, when Top Rank starts their weekly TV series, in July, on during prime time.

In August, Top Rank will start doing shows on the mainland, in Beijing, in Shanghai. Boxing is being embraced there, whereas here, it is “sort of looked at a failing sport.”

Arum said the Pacman fight will be on PPV, and it will be sold for about $4 a pop, with Zou Shiming as an added attraction. They hope to do between 3-4 million buys, in China, he said.

Thoughts, fight fans. Does it matter to you if Manny does not fight in the US?



-The Commish :

If I am sitting on my ultra-comfy leather lounger, I don't really care where the fight is coming from that I am watching. Let 'em fightin the Copernicus crater on the moon! If it is being shown, I will becovering it, announcing it or watching it! -Randy G.

-Froggy :

The only reason I would care if he fought outside the United States is if he fought in Toronto [I am about a one drive away] or even Montreal so I could go see it ! I can't see why anyone would care where the fight is unless they want to see it in person !

-deepwater2 :

HD TV is a wonderful thing. The USD won't be the world reserve currency in the future and Arum and his pal Sheldon Adelson know this. That is why the owner of the Venetian in the US and Macao got his foot in the door in China and Arum is following suit. Interesting article from the Financial Times this morning = China's renminbi is rapidly displacing the US dollar as a trading currency not only in Asia and Europe but now also in the US home market. ... driving much of the switch from the greenback to the redback.

-brownsugar :

Not to mention that we are trillions of dollars in debt to China.

-Skibbz :

Great input from you guys as always. It's a pleasure to spend my time these two weeks really reading every post, there's so much knowledge sharing which makes it a real treat. Macau has a lot of big Asian whales ready to have a good night and drop a few million on a fight. Arum is doing a great job by forcing his way into the young Chinese market. Just a side note, someone I know bought two factories in Guangzhou 4 years ago. Within the first 6 months he was operating at full capacity and sending his doors and cupboards to the port to be shipped worldwide. He doesn't want to come back, not even for a pint and some proper food! Business can quickly pick up that side of the world, especially if you tell them it's a hit in the West. Arum could forge the potential to earn more money from a boxing hub in Macau than he could from the rest of the world.