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Normally around this time, us keyboard tappers are giving the man the digital ink he so craves while trafficking in the topic of who's next…or maybe something TMZ has unearthed.

So, this latest Floyd Mayweather “news” is interesting if only from a novelty perspective.

Early Sunday morning, Mayweather, the 37-year-old last known as “Money,” now tagging himself, in that Puff Daddy-to-P-Diddy fashion “The Best Ever,” let loose this doozy on his social media accounts: “Yachts, private jets, foreign cars, mansions, unlimited shopping sprees, and I am just getting started! I spoke to God last night and I asked: “Is there a problem with how this lavish KING is living down here on earth?” and God said: “NO it was already predestined.

My first reaction, upon seeing the references to goodies, was a yawn. I could pretty much care less about the bling and the booty and the car collection and all that. I see it as lame fodder for the marketers, thrown out there to appeal to some of the most base urges within so many of us, our addiction to acquisitions of items.

My second reaction was: you spoke to God, and God answered back..and you chose to ask about the righteousness of your lifestyle, and the appropriateness of trumpeting its lavishness??

And then came the more severe disappointment. The Almighty, instead of furnishing some polite direction about the true nature of success and the like, signed off on the parading of the net worth and the trappings. What if God was one us, indeed…


Anyway, bottom line, score another one for TBE, who truly is in the mix at being TBE at manufacturing relevancy. Well played, TBE…

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