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The Sweet Science

Juan Manuel Marquez was markedly non-committal when asked early Sunday morning by HBO's Max Kellerman if he will next glove up against Manny Pacquiao,  either because he's a savvy negotiator or because he truly doesn't know what direction he wants to go toward following his May 17 win against Mike Alvarado in LA.

If Marquez decides to stick with the storyline he's floated before, that he wants to exit the Pacman rivalry carousel on a high note, off a Dec. 2012 KO win, who then is in the mix for Manny's next?

What about another guy trained by Freddie Roach, the Siberian Rocky, aka RuslanProvodnikov? Roach has been getting him ready for a June 14 scrap in Brooklyn, at Barclays Center, against Long Islander Chris Algieri.

The tutor said that Ruslan is already in great shape, and has been hurting sparring partners at the Wild Card. So what about it Freddie, might Ruslan get the nod to fight Pacman next if Marquez steers away from a fifth tangle?

“You never know,” Roach said. “It's a lot of money. I won't blame him if he takes it, it'd set him up for the rest of his life. It could be possible. Never say never.”

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