Mayweather-Maidana All Access Finale Recap

Since the Floyd Mayweather-Marcos Maidana fight was closer and better than most all expected, interest for Showtimes’ All Access epilogue, which debuted Saturday night latenight, was heightened.

Viewers saw Mayweather, who beat the Argentine by majority decision, head to the ring with circus clowns and Lil Wayne, and then saw his dishing, and also eating leather. “He earned a new kind of respect, from a man who gave him none,” the narrator stated.

Then we backtracked…we heard Floyd promise a rumble, and say that he always finds a way to win, no matter what traits the foe has in his pocket. Maidana, at a pre-fight presser, said he didn’t give an eff about Floyd, and both men proved to be truthful.

Then, we saw some excerpts from GloveGate. Floyd put on some Everlasts, and they looked squishy. Eff no, he said, citing a lack of padding. “They’re scared, they’re worried,” Maidana trainer Robert Garcia said. Floyd’s guy Leonard Ellerbe said that if the fight didn’t occur, because of the gloves issue, “that’s on you guys,” meaning Team Maidana.

Next, we see Maidanas’ son JoeJoe arrive in Vegas, after a 17 hour flight. MM fans and Floyd fans parade around the casino, and next Floyd wins the glove battle. Whatever Floyd wants, Floyd gets, Garcia says. Floyd in the locker room says the fight won’t be easy, as the Biebs hugs one of his daugters. “Murder him,” Lil Wayne whispers to Floyd.

Floyd says that Maidana didn’t go deer in headlights on this immense stage. MM says that he’s coming to win. They get to fighting, and MM is windmilling, rumbling, throwing rabbit punches, landing rights. Biebs reassures a Mayweather daughter who didn’t like round one. Floyd’s body shots start to work, but then Floyd gets a cut on his right eye.

By round six, Money starts to find his way. And the corner cam caught Garcia telling Chino to play dirty, in light of Floyd trying to lobby ref Tony Weeks to see things his way.

More prize footage: Biebs participating in a late-round “USA, USA” chant, and l’il Maidana telling his grandma, “I know God will help us. He’s going to help dad win.” OK, I’m not going to be the one to tell the kid my theory, that The Almighty, of whatever gender, likely doesn’t choose favorites and influence prizefights, but anyway…

God helps those that help themselves, anyways, and Floyd did that in the home stretch. “It’s our fight,” said Garcia as he entered the ring after final bell. “BS,” he said after Michael Buffer shared the disposition. “It’s fine, I know I won,” said Maidana, after Garcia told him he was robbed. “Don’t cry, it’s OK, we won the fight,” Maidana told his sobbing son, in the dressing room.

I don’t agree…but he did win the quip-fest at the postfight presser, when he fired back at Floyd who requested he not go low so much in a rematch, answering that he’ll consider that if Floyd doesn’t play hardball with the gloves. (The stampede situation and completely inadequate crowd exit strategizing at the facility were not, by the way, touched. I am hoping the flippancy I saw on display from MGM personnel has been addressed and that their procedures for patrons leaving an event will be overhauled, for the record. People EASILY could have died.)

“Will we be back in September?” lil Maidana asked pop. “Yes, we’ll be back,” the “loser” said, and we went to credits.

Sharp, solid piece of film, and it left me wanting a rematch.



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Recapping The "Moment" that saw Floyd Mayweather's CODE breaking under the deciphering of Marcoardo Maidinci. El Dude is not only recapping the ALL ACCESS of Floyd vs Marcos "The Bee-Hive" Maidana but I am also capping it with an official seal of El Dude who is in it to win it. Marcos Maidana did it like Timothy Bradley by taking his sweaty socks off before the fight? What about the socks you "May" ask well they got stuffed in Maidana's gloves while he kept giving Floyd Mayweather the Dirty Stink but the foul stench actually came from the aroma that gave it to the wrong corner. The truth hurts but its the truth coming from El Dude who don't kissbacks nor fakes it to make it. El Dude yet to see the competition.

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