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Undefeated heavyweight prospect Deontay Wilder, who many feel is America’s best hope for near-future heavyweight glory, put the beat down on internet bully and general malcontent Charlie Zelenoff.

Wilder told TMZ that Zelenoff had been harassing him, his family and even going so far as to say he was going to “murder” Wilder and “tape [his] daughter’s mouth shut.” According to the report, the last bit is what really got Wilder going.

As you can imagine, and you don’t have to because you can watch it on video, things got ugly pretty fast. Zelenoff’s best punch is the one where he sneaks up on unsuspecting victims and catches them off guard.

If you don’t recall, he did something similar to Floyd Mayweather, Sr. a few years back, too.
But Wilder was ready for it, and so it was a fairly short time before Zelenoff was ready to turn tail and run away.

Wilder put him down quick, and did not appear to throwing punches with full velocity.

To his credit, Wilder said afterward he was trying to knock some sense into Zelenoff, something that hasn’t seemed to work judging by this clown’s history.

“I genuinely care for the guy,” Wilder told TMZ. “I want him to stop [harassing people] before he messes with the wrong person. You never know who you’re dealing with.”

So how is one to take all this in? The best thing I’ve come up with so far is simply this: if there is ever a case to put your hands on someone who is clearly mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually ill, this might be it.

Regardless, Wilder will continue his career in boxing with even more attention now than a guy with 31 knockouts in 31 fights would be getting anyway. The video has just about gone viral and will probably go on to have a long life of internet fame.

But can Wilder do the same? While I am probably one of the original Wilder bandwagoners, it seems host of HBO Boxing telecasts, Jim Lampley, wasn’t so convinced on the matter when I talked to him earlier this week.

Lampley said he needs to see more before he hails Wilder as the next big thing in the heavyweight division.

“Wilder is seen as a big puncher,” said Lampley. “Is that legitimate or matchmaking? I think that’s open to debate.”

Lampley said he hasn’t seen anything yet in Wilder’s game that would give world heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko any trouble at all. He said Wilder still possesses too “limited offensive technique and concept” to have anything but a puncher’s chance against Klitschko.

In fact, Lampley said if you’re the type who is looking for someone to snag the crown from Klitschko anytime soon, you might need to look past Wilder altogether.

“You have to look at somebody more sophisticated in their makeup at this point than Wilder,” said Lampley.

But Zelenoff? Nah, he’s got plenty enough skill for that…


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