HOW HE DID IT: Video Analysis of Maidana’s Work Vs. Floyd

Marcos Maidana worked the jab to great effect against Floyd Mayweather on May 3 in Las Vegas. Full speed, half speed, low, high, the Argentine set the table with that lead hand, and exhibited his underrated boxing skills against TBE to the point that many folks thought he earned a draw, and some a win.

Watch this video by analyst Lee Wylie, which will help you better appreciate just how the underdog gave Floyd his sternest challenge in many moons.



-amayseng :

Superb, just superb That was the first thing I noticed was how low Chino got and changed his levels to avoid that straight right. Also, a great game plan early on was when Floyd tried to tie him up for Chino to swing arms and elbows and everything to keep Floyd from hanging on. Also, anytime FM grabbed a single arm to stop the action Chino would go crazy with the other hand with hammer shots and any shots.... If one guy is holding an arm and the other guy is pounding him with the free hand well then the guy pounding away is scoring points for the round. Yes they are not killing shots but it is scoring activity. I beg of thee to rewatch this fight without being bias, without letting Floyds few razor rights take a clean round away from Chino.

-El Dude :

It was relentless, the aggression and execution from Marcos the Bee-Hive Maidana who made the P4P champ resemble a frantic person being attacked by a swarm of killer Argentine bees. Floyd Mayweather was unable to repeal the continuous Kamikaze sting. No fear no going to the rear while The School of Robert Garcia in Maidana's ear, commanding and plotting like assassins in the clear. The best ever clinch was the key to Floyd's survival from his headhunting and unrelenting rival. El dude calls it fair, I don't fake it nor do I sell it. El Dude Boxing Commentaries.

-SouthPawFlo :

Maybe I'm wrong, but I know I've been on the fight a while and I have never seen a "How he did it" for the guy who lost the fight..

-SouthPawFlo :

Sorry been on the "site" a while