Robert Garcia: “Floyd Is The Man, He Calls the Shots”

The rematch.

It’s a no-brainer to me.

You got a couple cats out there saying that Floyd only has a few fights left and they’d like to see him fight someone else…and all due respect, but to that I say, WTH!?

You had a foe who surprised immensely to the upside, made many an expert look like a dolt, won on some peoples’ cards….the guy earned it.

Give Chino the re-do!

“Chino came up just short,” his trainer Robert Garcia told me on Tuesday. “It was a good, close fight. A lot of people who were there were telling me it was draw.”

And does he think Mayweather will give Chino another crack, in that September slot?

“It’s up to Floyd,” Garcia said. “We have a good chance of beating him. The fans will ask for it. There’s nothing else…if not Pacquiao, then Khan? Khan didn’t look great against Collazo, Adrien Broner didn’t look good at all. I think it’s the only one that makes sense. The rematch would make Mayweather a lot more money than anyone else (aside from Pacquiao).”

And what about those accursed gloves? Would Floyd play ultra-hardball, and “make” Chino enter the ring wearing pillows?

“This time, we’ll talk about it two months before. On the day of the fight, we finalized the gloves at 3 PM PT, in the arena, as fights were going on. This time we’ll talk way ahead.”

Garcia has a good handle on it all. He understands Mayweather is the driver of the sport, by and large. He is the sun and the moon and the Earth, and all revolves around him. It’s “Money” that matters…

“He is the man,” Garcia said, “he calls the shots, he has the power to hold the boxing world frozen. No one knew untill two months before the fight who he’d fight, the whole welterweight division was frozen. He’s the only one who can get away away it. I see it as a business..people saying walk away (because of the gloves situation), we could have said forget it and walk away,” but then the fans would have been hurt….not to mention there would have been a riot on the Strip in reaction to the plug being pulled.

Yep, Garcia is pragmatic regarding the pugilism business.

“Floyd is a businessman, if the rematch is the best idea he can do, I think he will give it to us,” the trainer said.

And the trainer likes Chino’s chances to do better this time, he reiterated to me. He said he thinks Floyd’s legs haven’t been diminished much, he still has the speed, the movement…but he believes that Maidana forced him into fighting in a manner which brought out tons of “fan-friendly” action.

“He bulled him into the ropes, like Roberto Duran did Ray Leonard. He was forced into fighting like that.”

Readers, talk to me. What would a rematch look like?



-Skibbz :

Robert didn't want trainer of the year for no reason. He fights for his pugs and they fight for him. Top man. also Gradovich AKA el Ruso Mexicano facing A Miskirtchian in Macau on the 31st of this month. He's got a big heart and doesn't mind how he fights you so long as he fights you. They started calling him the russian mexican in Garcia's gym and it stuck.

-Carmine Cas :

I think Robert Garcia is a great trainer, however he failed to implore Maidana in the last few rounds like he did in the Broner fight. That alone could have helped but I think Garcia will watch the fight over again and see what they can improve on. For one Maidana will be best serve to utilize more head movement in general, and circle to his right more to limit Floyd's counter right. Adding new angles coupled with Maidana's awkward style would give Floyd fits.