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Robert Garcia hasn't yet watched a tape of the superb work his man Chino Maidana did, in applying the rock-solid gameplan the trainer set for the Argentine on Saturday versus Floyd Mayweather.

As it turns out, the whole Garcia crew was in Vegas for the bout, so nobody thought to hit Buy and Record…so the Cali based tutor will wait until Saturday, and watch the re-broadcast on Showtime.

We're thinking he's going to be thinking along the same lines of what he was on Saturday evening, at the MGM….that his kid is a beast, and deserves mucho credit, if not a damned draw, for doing what Canelo and Cotto, among others, couldn't do…and that's give the self-proclaimed TBE a helluva fight.

“As for the gameplan, Floyd is a tough guy to handle, the best in history, maybe, but Chino went out and did his job,” Garcia told me on Tuesday afternoon. “He's very tough, very strong, and he doesn't care or respect anyone's reputation. That had a lot to do with it, and he did everything I told him to.”

Regarding what Floyd told him to do, or rather, Team Mayweather heavily suggested he do…the gloves issue…Garcia told me that to his knowledge, Maidana didn't get any extra money to accept lacing on the Everlast gloves he eventually did, after capitulating around 3 PM PT Saturday, because Floyd and company refused to box someone wearing the “Mexican Everlasts,” the Everlast MX-make glove.

Check back for more from Garcia, who talks about the rematch he believes should occur, and how Maidana could do even better if there's a next time.

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