Is Floyd More Like Broner Than We Thought?

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We see most “experts” saying Floyd will win each and every moment in the fight Saturday night, that Marcos Maidana might win a round or two.

That makes us think it is maybe, just maybe, probably not but maybe, the right time to consider the “what if” a bit more.



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El Dude :

It is well known that Floyd Mayweather is Adrien Broner's Godfather of Boxing but in no way, shape or form does Floyd resemble "The Problem" Broner. Little brother, big brother has been established between Broner and Floyd but it is more like a Kung Fu Master schooling his disciple as if to prepare him for the thrown. Adrien does and is imitating Floyd for the simple reason that it is Floyd who is considered the best of the sport. Who will be the next "Floyd" is still up for grabs being that the Alpha P4P Wolf is still fighting live. Next in line for Floyd is like a pack of desperate wolves plotting to make their move on the Champion's rule. by El Dude.